Hi folks, just wondering if any folk here in the UK have had any dealings with Amplifon? What HA’s do they dispense? I can’t seem to get much info on them or which HA’s they supply, their web site is not very informative and TBH, very basic! Can’t find many reviews on their service, although I did get some info from a client who has a mild/mod loss and she spoke very highly of their Audiologist, who told her she did not require HA’s just now and referred her sister (whom had a test at the same time) to the local general hospital with a suspected brain tumor! Just seems this Audi was on the ball…

Any info folks would be gratefully appreciated:D I am interested in the new Phonak Ambra SP, but don’t know if they even dispense these? The lady whom arranged the appointment/test next week was unsure which HA’s they supply, I think they are maybe just contracted to arrange the initial appointment?

Cheers, Kev:D

I have been a customer of Amplifon previously known as SieTech for about 10 years. I have no complaints about my local dispenser. They have an association with Resound so that will the most common aid they supply, but I suppose they also supply other brands.
When I bought my DOT I got £400 off as they were running a ‘price match’ at the time.

Thank you for that info jactar, most appreciated:D

Hmm… For such a big company, there does not seem to be too much info on the net about them, very low profile, don’t know if thats good or bad? I will find out on Tuesday?

Thanks again, Cheers Kev:D