Ampli-energy R 5 | NX R (micro), what is this?

Beter Horen (Amplifon) offers a E 1000,- reduction on a set of Ampli-energy R 5 | NX R (micro). Checking google does not make me wiser on which device Amplifon rebranded here. has found out that it is obviously top level Resound, The topic is from Aug '21. Rebranding like Amplifon does makes it even harder to find your way in the HA world
I have the ReSound LiNX Quattro since 2019 and like them, Is it worth the money of switching to Ampli-energy R 5 | NX R (micro)? The offer promises innovations.

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This Ampli-energy R 5 | NX R (micro) will be most probably the ReSound LiNX Quattro 9 62 which is an older model from 2018….

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Thanks for the info, where did you get that?
It’s an offer I can easily refuse, because i’m using the 9 61 right now, purchased it in 2019. As I said before, i’m happy with it but curious whether there was some progress the last 5 years.

This formentioned HA is an outdated model, that’s probably while they sell it that cheap. has a great list of Amplifon HA’s on their site available.
Some maybe even most of the Amplifon’s are rebranded and locked HA’s.

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I would avoid Amplifon at all cost if possible, they’re borderline scammy.

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Visited ‘Beter Horen’ today for a hearing update, tests and info. The Ampli-energy micro r5 turns out to be a Resound Nexia, their newest model. The bargain will cost me over 4000 euro’s (2000 off included). Which still is a lot of money. I go for the trial, curious whether it enhances my hearing.

Sorry to misinform you on my first post, there are lots them. That’s why I put the question mark.
But you took the right way to ask them personally.

Which Nexus do you have, as there are also a lot of them in different price classes. So without further specification it stays unclear what you’ve got.
For instance I found the ReSound Nexia MicroRIE 9 for €1770 a piece at ReSound Nexia MicroRIE 9 — Onlinehoortoestel

As @Reginald says watch it. Probably the Amplifon type probably cannot be programmed ever by yourself as the Resounds could be. Amplifon protect their HA’s by using special databases.

Hope you like them. Good luck.

Wow, that’s truly a bargain… I’ve rolled my eyes so hard that I cannot unroll them now.
I find those “discount” tactics incredibly offensive.

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Its the top-model 9. Testing now. First impression is a hearing boost that reminded me of first wearing the Linx quattro’s. Very noisy, try to get used to it. Guess the Beter Horen audiologist pushed it to the limits. Testing period ends 24th

Testing GNResound ampli-energy Micro R5 for two weeks now. It is the Resound Nexia 9 with a Ampli text on it. Works great specially in noisy surroundings. I am impressed. Used to the Resound Linx Quattro it is as if I am wearing HA’s for the first time. Stil getting used to it. In the café i turn on ‘Noisy’ setting and can understand my fellows around the table without being disturbed by the other loud guests behind me. In the car, having conversation with the driver in front., it blocks out the car noise. On the bike, wind blowing, I talk with my friend beside me. I definitively would like to have it …but the cost… Amplifon offers pricereduction but that’s a fake reduction… They stil cost 2030 euro’s a piece. And then you will not have complete ownership because you will be tied to Amplifon for future adjustments. The Amplifon app is not as good as the origiginal Resound 3D app missing the noiseblock. BT connection often failes.
The Nexia has premium features.
Front Focus, requires occlusive seailng the earcanal. No option for daily use.
Microfone on the receiver, same story.
Auracast is stil to be waited upon.
The nexia requires a dedicated power box, it looks the same but I tried it with my Quattro box, no connection. No Qi protocol here?
I am going for a extended testing period to check the tapping for incoming telefone and to compare it with the quattro’s.