Has anyone ever heard about Ampli-ear and if they work well?

I have a set of them in my office, which we ordered just to try them out.

I have made it a point in my career to never put down a product, yet, when Christopher England, President of AmpliEar states on their website: “You won’t find fancy - but you will find the Best Amplifier money can buy…”, it is very difficult to hold back my comments.

I will say, though, that I have never re-ordered, nor have I ever recommended this product to any of my customers, friends, or my worst enemy.

So…they’re no good? The reason why I’m looking at these is because of my 90 year old mother who has lost her $3000 aides and can’t seem to connect with how to take care of her aides. She loses them, doesn’t understand the concept of cleaning them daily and doesn’t even know when to change the battery. She’ll just wear them like ear plugs! She can’t afford to keep on buying (replacing) the expensive ones. She HATES hearing aides. I just thought these might be worth considering for the time she has left in her life. I just don’t know what to do. Any other suggestions?:confused:

You may want to try a product called Pocket Talker. Try doing a google search for it.

This is a product we have tested and is a cost effective and simple way to help some patients.

We intend to carry this on our website in the future.

Using ear pods for listening isn’t even easy for me and I’m fairly young! I personally can’t stand those things in my ears. Uncomfortable that’s for sure! I just think that pocket talker is maybe a bit cumbersome to use and to keep the pods in the ears with the wires and everything??? I don’t think my mom would be able to handle all that. Have any other ideas I can look at? Thank YOU for your help.

My suggestion is to get her some real hearing aids. She should be able to get a set of decent digital non-programmable aids for $2000. But make sure they come with loss insurance. You can usually get this from the company that sold them, or you can add a personal articles policy to a home owners insurance policy. That way if they do go missing, it’s not $2000+ down the drain.

To save money consider only buying one aid. It’s less for her to lose, and easier to cope with. It’s also half the price. It’s not the best solution audiologically, but in this situation we have to take more things into account.