American Hearing i2400/Starkey Muse hearing aids

I went to American Hearing to get my ears checked for ear wax and ended up trialing their i2400 hearing aids with a custom mold. I was told they were made by Starkey and that they were equivalent to the new Starkey MUSE. They did not have a feature comparison chart and I can’t find one on line so I don’t know if all the features are exactly the same as the Starkey MUSE. I currently have a pair of BTE Phonak from Costco that are only a year old. I was fairly happy with them but I still have trouble understanding my soft spoken wife. When American Hearing did my hearing test, they said that they could improve my speech recognition because my word recognition improved.

The new i2400 are $6000, more than twice the Phonak cost. The problem is that I don’t feel that the i2400 made much of an improvement if any and the custom molds are not as comfortable as the open domes on my Phonaks. I also have trouble understanding most phone conversations so I always turn on the cell phone speaker which is not to cool when with others. The i2400 is supposed to transmit to both aids which would be a plus but that feature is not working on my trial pair. They were unable to get it working so they ordered me a new pair.

I did a search on this forum on American Hearing and i2400 hearing aids and did not get any results. Why would Starkey make an identical model and call it by a different name. Why not just call it Starkey.

I’m really struggling with this purchase because the improvement seems marginal at best and secondly, I can’t find out any info on line about the i2400 or American Hearing. I hoping someone here knows something about the company and their “Starkey equivalent” products.

All American Hearing (AAH) is one of Starkey’s brands, similar to Audibel and NuEar. AAH dispensers have exclusive territorial rights in their area, so they’re the only ones who can sell and support AAH products. The AAH Pride i2400 is the same as Starkey Muse i2400.

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Phonak makes a good aid. If they aren’t working for you, I would go back to Costco for hearing test and adjustment. I wish that I could tell you my hearing aids corrected 100% of my hearing loss. They didn’t, but it was a big improvement from pre-hearing aids. I don’t hear or understand everything my wife says but it is at least an 80% improvement. You will also find that “normal-hearing” people will expect your hearing aids to work wonders and that you can hear them from the other room, over the sound of the television, etc. It may take a lot of work with the Costco HIS to get your aids fine tuned. If your word recognition score improved, then the Phonak’s will benefit just as much from the improvement as the AAH brand.