Alternative to Rexton Transmitter

I recently got a Rexton transmitter from Costco to go with my Trax 42s and streamer. For $200 it seems very rinky-dink. It has a non standard audio jack and doesn’t stay paired. I tried a cheap alternative but the audio was out of sync with the tv. Does anyone know of a good alternative?



I assume you know you can adjust the power output on the transmitter…

Do you think that will resolve the pairing issue?

Has anyone tried one of these:

I found that that the lack of instructions with my transmitter was an issue. I eventually found a training video on the Siemens site. Here is what I found works consistently:

  1. Turn on your TV first (the must be a signal into the transmitter to pair)
  2. Turn on the Transmitter.
  3. Turn on your Easytek.
  4. After the Easytek is finished booting up, push the round button twice, but not too quickly. Click - click. Then, the blue light will start to blink on the Easytek. When they are synced. both blue lights stop blinking and stay on solidly.

I use the easyTek with two transmitters one which is the voicelink both set to the lowest power and I stay connected anywhere in a 3k square foot ranch. I can also pair the easyTek to an old Dell running xp, an old ThinkPad running xp, an Acer running win7 and a new ThinkPad running win10. I can also comment to an old Kindle Fire 8.9 and a new Kindle Fire 7. The wife’s Samsung galaxy both phone and easytek app and my old school Samsung flipper.

Thank you…do you have the link to the video?

Here is one of them:

Also page 24 of the Easytek User Guide.

I thought they came paired from the manufacturer, so if it is losing that, there is probably something wrong with it.

Mine wasn’t paired from the manufacturer, and it took a while to find the video that explained how to do it. They say that it is a one-time thing to pair them.

However, I do have to manually connect them when I start a streaming session by starting them up in the correct order (with the source powered on first) and then pushing the round button on the Smart Connect twice.

Maybe I’m not understanding. They don’t connect automatically. You would have to take some action on the Smart Connect. That’s normal.

If you are saying that you press the button to connect and they don’t connect unless you re-pair, that would not be normal. Pairing should be a one-time thing. Connecting would happen whenever both devices are powered on and you press the connect button.

Another thing, and I don’t know if it is the same with Rexton, but with my Resounds, sometimes the batteries in the hearing aid are near the end and they will not connect or stay connected with a streamer (Phone clip+ or TV transmitter). They will drop out of that connection but will still run the mics on the hearing aid. So if that happens it can give you the impression the connection is dropping when it is really just the hearing aids batteries getting low.

I have been having difficulty getting the streamer to reconnect to the transmitter after I connected the streamer to another bluetooth device. I discovered last night that the streamer will reconnect to the transmitter almost immediately if after I turn on the streamer and the transmitter I cycle the power in the hearing aids. Once I do that, the streamer connects to the hearing aids and then to the transmitter. Weird…but it works.

I spent a bit of time fiddling with this today. I could not get it to pair with the streamer.

I have two of these that I used to use with my Bose BT Headphones. They connect my KS 8.0 hearing aids through my Smart Mic. The device connects to the TV through an optical cable.

This one worked as well.