Alternative to Oticon Prowax minifit

Is there an alternative to the oticon profit miniwax filters? They’re so expensive. My dad has excessive ear wax (always did) and he goes thru them like crazy. cheapest i’ve found was $6.49 for three pair on amazon.

Is it possible to clean the filters and reuse them? I mean it’s just wax in the tiny hole. I wonder if a #60 drill bit would fit thru to push the wax out.

Anyone know the size of the hole? a #60 drill bit is 1.016mm or .04".

Thanks for any info.

Your dad might consider washing out the excessive ear wax with an ear wax removal kit once a week.

There are quite a few brands of kit…but, I know that Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal Kit for example, is gentle and effective. It contains oil to pre-soften the wax and an easy to use syringe to flush out the canal.

Get him to check with his Doc or Audio first to ensure that ear wash is suitable for him…and he doesn’t have perforated eardrums or whatnot.

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Thanks but that’s not an option. The place he got them said use mineral oil to clean out his ears every so often. He doesn’t do that either. He doesn’t even wear the hearing aides but he wants new ends. they’re just so darn expensive. was looking for something cheaper than $9 for a set of six.

Obviously not a solution today, but if it comes to buying new aids at some point, is Costco an option? They give you free wax guards.

I agree the price is ridiculous on an item so small. I wrote the company suggesting they package 100 or more loose at a reasonable price. Who needs all the junk that goes with it? I have been soaking my used filters in peroxide as they become clogged and that seems to work until they eventually fall apart. Let us all know if you find an alternative. Maby Member 45 had an idea but instead of using the wax removal liquid in his ear we could soak the filters in it. I may try that.

You could also look at the cost on hearing direct. I have found there hearing aid parts at times are cheeper then Amazon. Hope this will help you have a great evening.

You might not be aware, but there’s barely any discernible difference between the size or function of the mini fits and Cerustops. Online sellers here ship the Cerustops for about £2 a pack if you buy 10packs.