Alarms & timers won’t stream to Oticon More 1

into my More 1s on my iPhone 10. They do play through the iPhones speakers.
Suggestions please.

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Check whether your iphone 10 is able to hear the music from the iphone. If yes, then it is connected. If not, you need to pair the More 1 with iphone 10. Maybe , iPhone 10 is too old to connect with More 1. My iphone 13 has no problem listening to streaming music or notification sound or the caller via iphone into HA.
Pls check

Thank you for your reply. I can listen to music or Youtube, etc. through my HAs. It is the alarms and timers that are not playing through my HAs.

Check Setting - accessibility - hearing devices - hearing aids compatibility = in iphone

Still have same problem.
Are there any further suggestions from any other members?

Check out your notification settings.

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Can you be more specific please?

check “play system sounds” (settings>accessibility>hearing devices>play system sounds)

Please, I need more specificity

(settings>accessibility>hearing devices>play system sounds)

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Yes, that solved my problem! Tremendous gratitude to all who helped!