Alarm clocks that shake, rattle and ROLL!

My dear hubs found this article on the latest and greatest alarm clocks that folks like US could benefit from! During my working years, I used a projection clock, so I could see the hours crawl by ALLLLLLLL night long. Exhausting!

After retirement, I was bold enough to take some international trips alone. For that, I absolutely needed an alarm clock that was guaranteed to shake me awake. In a pinch, I’ll sleep with ONE aid in, and set an alarm on my cell phone, but if there’s a plane or train to catch, I take no chances.

Wishing all health and happy, safer travels in 2022!

I’m looking for a watch that has vibrate-to-wake and enough battery lifer to track (some/any) other health functions. I don’t think being electrocuted is on my list yet haha.

I use a small battery powered alarm clock I got from Oricom. It has different vibration and sound settings. I put it under my pillow with vibration setting only and it wakes me up every time.

I use this. All payed by my Health Insurance, of course. :de: lisa RF system

I’ve had an alarm clock that has a button that fits under the mattress and shakes the bed. I’ve had it for at least 25 years now. I’m sure you could find something on Amazon


I’ve just been given a travel alarm clock that vibrates.

It was given to me for free by the UK Sensory Team which funds equipment for the deaf or blind in the house. They also offer support as well.


I use my old iphone on vibration mode as my daily alarm. I keep this phone on an empty tissue box on the bedside table itself.
The sound is really loud & terrific on vibration on this empty cardboard (tissue box)
Initially I tried to keep the phone under the pillow on vibration. But sometimes, I couldnt feel the vibration atall.
So this phone on empty box is the best solution for me.

That is a very nice service indeed to get a travel clock to wake you up. I had to buy mine (at Amazon). But I can’t complain as it not only wakes ME up … but scares the BEEJEEZUS out of my hubs when it goes off, heh-heh! :smiling_imp:


Yes, I have one too. I am retired and rarely MUST be up at an appointed hour. However, during the leadup to my cochlear implant , I had several appointments @ the hospital (which is 60 miles away) at the crack of dawn!! Amazon to the rescue. It’s there when I need it, and I am thankful to have it!

I tried Pavlok shock clock. But he’s not good enough to wake me up. because I still keep sleeping. It’s just a shock until you turn it off on your smartphone or on it.

Now I use (2 devices)
Xiaomi bedside lamp that mimics the morning sun. but to admit it is not perfect. Philips has the best alarm clock with a light that mimics the sun. I will put a link to see what it is about but it is very expensive. Philips HF3520 Wake-Up LED Light Room Illumination Demonstration - YouTube

The other alarm clock I use along with the lamp is this
a digital watch with a vibrator that I hold under my pillow. I like the combination of the two. and that is best for me.
But I’d love a better lamp like that Philips.

Clocky’s Alarm Clock on Wheels is an unique alarm clock for folks who have trouble getting out of bed. It gets its name from the fact that it’s a wheeled mobile alarm clock. As a result, save for its loud alarm, it is free to roam around my room till I get out of bed.