Alarm Clock with Pillow Shaker from iLuv - Best for People Who Cannot Wake Up To Sound

It would be frustrating if you get late everyday because you could not hear alarm clock sound.
iLuv has a great product line of alarm clock series with pillow shaker that will wake you up with vibration. These products are so popular among seniors and the deaf.
I hope this info helps you too.

Morning Call Series: Morning Call – iLuv Creative Technology

  1. SmartShaker 2: Portable Vibrating Travel Alarm Bed Shaker With Multiple Alarms For Deaf People, Couples And Seniors

  2. TimeShaker Wow: 1.4" Jumbo LED Dual Alarm Clock with Super Vibrating Wired Bed Shaker, 120 dB Panic Sound, and Built-In 3 LED Alert Light

  3. TimeShaker Boom: Alarm Clock with Wireless Rechargeable Bed Shaker, Built-In Alert Light, Panic Sound Adjuster, 1.4" Jumbo LED, and USB Charging Port

  4. TimeShaker Super: TimeShaker Super by iLuv, LCD Dual Alarm Clock with a Super Strong Wired Bed Shaker, Bluetooth Stereo Speakers, FM Radio and a USB Charging Port for Heavy Sleepers, Couples, and Deaf People

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iLuv team

I’d be doomed without my own shaking alarm clock. Hubs had already bought me the Serene vibrating alarm clock at Amazon. But I am glad there are choices and alternatives out there - especially for folks who travel and NEED to wake up by certain times or risk missing a flight, important meeting or what-all.

I use the Sonic Alert Sonic Boom Alarm Clock, which is made in USA and has great warranty services:

I am curious about (i) powerful, vibrating alarm clocks that are on wrists like watches but stronger than Apple Watches / FitBits of today, or (ii) portable, powerful ones with excellent battery life that I can take while traveling

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has excellent battery life. I don’t think I’d sleep through the vibration, but I suppose it’s possible. There are at least a couple of Android Apps that you can use to set the alarm. Not sure about iOs.