Alarm clock bed shakers?

Anyone have any strong feelings for or against any particular models of shaking/vibrating alarm clocks?

Sonic Alert, all the way. I’ve had very good luck with them, for many many years. I’ve only had two issues, one just started acting up after about 5 years of daily use, one I damaged by moving the bed without remembering the shaker cable. They have many models. I highly highly recommend the travel one (crazy battery life, strong vibration, compact) and the standard bed one. Their website has more options too. Since I’m pretty much deaf I don’t use the LOUD models because they don’t help me much and just piss everyone else off. Typically I silence any audible alarm. The clunky old expensive one is cool because you can plug a lamp into it and not only control the lamp from the clock you it will also flash the light in sync with the bed vibrator to wake you up. Helped me alot as a deaf deep sleeping teenager. Aimed the lights in my face for school days, hah! Models I recommend below.


My wife is very happy with the SmartShaker. It is used at home and is practical on journeys.


I have had this one for years and it works fine: