Airlink 2 still made or replaced by Noahlink Wireless?

I am very new here and would like some clarity on what I’ve read here so far. I want to buy the Airlink2. I know the Resound Airlink2 is the same as the NoahLink wireless. The NoahLink wireless is available from a few sources but I can’t find the Airlink 2. I want to start programing my Resound verso 9.62 which I 've had for a while. I have the Aventa 3 software. What I have read is the NoahLink has a issue with windows 7 upgrading the firmware. All three of my computers are win7 and no plans to upgrade to win10. My thought is to buy Airlink 2 which should have what I need for present and future resound products without updating the firmware until later but with NoahLink I will need to update now. I know this subject has been beaten down as flat as a pancake but information does change. Is the Airlink2 still sold and is it exactly the same as NoahLink? Thanks.

Yes just get the AirLink 2 for your Versos, Noahlink is for the later models or AirLink 2 with firmware update, when you upgrade your ReSounds, you can then just update the AirLink 2 to make it the same as a Noahlink.

Or just use the original AirLink for your verso.

You shouldn’t have any problem updating the firmware on the AirLink 2 with a win7 PC, there’s no issues using Noahlink on win7, I use it on 2 different win7 PC’s with no problems.

Thanks tenkan,
Just what I needed to hear. I may have to get the Airlink 1 since I can’t find who is selling the AirLink2. Know anyone who is selling the Airlink 2?

If I get the AirLink1, I assume the firmware can be updated as much as Airlink2 can be. Is the main difference between AirLink1 & 2 speed & range?

NoahLink reported issues with windows 7 not upgrading the firmware correctly. They had a work around that might work but recommended using windows 10 to upgrade firmware. Once updated it can be used on windows 7. The problem was probably with the software that upgraded firmware. Resound may use different software for upgrading.

Unfortunately it can’t, only the AirLink2 can be updated.

There’s definitely one eBay member that comes to mind, bidbybid is the user name, he’s helpful and can usually get what you ask for.

Yes thats the only difference, I found that when using AirLink1, just be sure to plug directly into the laptops USB slot, I found using a short USB extension cable helped keep the connection between the HAs and AirLink1 stable, you want them both as close as practical.

Thanks for some more great info. So much to learn, so little time.
I contacted bidbybid for AirLink 2. Waiting for response. I plan to program newer aids in the future so getting AirLink 2 now makes sense. Does anyone else know a source for Airlink 2.

Thanks pvc for the info. I will be getting the Noahlink Wireless. I am also looking to buy resound Linx2 LS962 (RIE) and use my Verso’s as backups. I am lost without hearing aids. A great place to learn.

I did buy the NoahLink Wireless new on ebay for $175. It has worked flawless. I did a complete new Resound Verso refit since nothing was working for me on the programming done by the audi. I followed what jim_lewis liked and that is Exp-Non-Linear with NAL-NL2 target. I changed to Phonak power domes. They replaced another closed dome, don’t know the brand, that wouldn’t stay in ears and not as soft as Phonak. I am hearing much better now and slowly making changes. I have read a lot of old posts getting a lot of good info . Thanks, keep up the good work.


Self programming can be great.
Lots of good help on this forum.