Aids + Glasses = Sore Ear Flap

I’ve been wearing my Phonak Art Micros for a week and adjusting well. I seem to have a problem with the very top of my ear flap getting sore where the tube goes over. It’s looks like a little blister. I suspect it could be that my glasses are pushing the aid down putting pressure on the tube.

What advice do you have for:
a) wearing glasses with BTE aids and
b) toughening that part of the ear?

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Maybe you need longer tubes.

My immediate guess would be the tube is too tight and causing rubbing in that spot, thus the blister, Or as jay said you need longer tubes . Were the tubes measure with your glasses on? probably not. And the added thickness of you glasses push that ear flap out a tiny bit, making the tubes too short and causing them to rub. either get new tubes or you may be able to pull the tubing down a little bit off of the aid to temporarily lengthen them.

I was wondering about the tube length. The tube enters the canal angled from the top toward the middle. Should it come further down then turn into the middle?

I saw a pic in another thread that showed this and made me wonder. I cannot find the thread now or I’d link the pic of the guys right ear showing the tube path.

I was also wondering if I’m wearing the glasses right. Where do you put the glasses ear stem, between the aid and the head, the air and the ear flap, or on top of the aid (which doesn’t work very well)?

My glasses fit between the aid and the ear. If you are having that much irritation, getting the tube swapped out is a very easy fix. Just call your audi. In fact, make sure to tell them that it’s blistered, they’ll probably get you in on the same day. Swapping tubes out only takes a couple minutes.

My everyday glasses go between my head and the hearing aids. My sunglasses hold the hearing aids to my head which is very nice when I’m doing active things. Both ways are very comfortable. Not so true when I trialed a pair of Oticon Vigo.

I had that problem when I first started wearing hearing aids. My ears got so sore that I could hardly stand to wear them. I tried covering the aids with moleskin and then with a sweat band. The problem turned out to be what everyone else has said. The tubes were too short. Once my audi swapped them for longer tubes I had no further problems.

Thanks all, for your advice. My followup is 3 weeks out but I’ll try to get in early and “get my tubes stretched” (sounds painful)!<G>

You don’t want them stretched. You want them replaced with longer tubes which takes seconds to do. Wear your glasses when you have this done.

My head is sore where aids sit I think it is the radio waves from them have seen articles about shielding paint but do not know where to get this.

Do not think this is healthy for your brain.

Check out US8588446B2 - Shielding of behind-the-ear hearing aids - Google Patents

Lots of others out there

I seem to think HA’s use 2.4 GHz to chat to each other. That patent goes to 1.6 GHz.

Call me skeptical on the whole EMR issue. No actual scientific basis in it. Lots of anecdotal.
Usual disclaimer…as far as I know.

Edit: This recent paper talks about the emissions from HA’s.

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Sorry, just can quite apply that.
History Revisionist NERD works.:8ball:

If RF radiation levels as low as our HAs use were harmful, I’m pretty sure I would have turned into a crispy critter years ago.