Aid owner identification label

I am looking for super small identification labels or decals that I can put on my BTE hearing aids so that if I lose them, the finder could call me. I know many reading this post are puzzled. How can a properly fitted aid fall off an ear? Well, from experience I know it can happen - fortunately I found it and all is well, but I fear it could happen again. The maximum label size for my hearing aid is 3/16" X 5/8" or 5mm X 16mm.That area is bigger than the area Starkey uses for manufacture identification labeling on my aids. If aid manufactures can print that small it seems logical someone can print that small for owner identification labels. The label should be resistant to the elements it is subject to behind my ear. Does any body know where a label like this could be purchased? I also thought of inscribing my contact information on the aid with a vibrating engraver that I use on my tools, but I fear that the vibrating would cause inside damage. Would the vibrating cause damage?

I don’t understand how one can lose a hearing aid if it is being worn all day. The aid itself has so little room on it to put a label… and for the reason you mentioned, I’d be afraid to use an inscriber. If the aids are taken out, say to go swimming, they should always be put in a case - the case could and should certainly be labelled with your name and address. In fact, I would say that anytime an aid is taken out, it should be put in a case to avoid any mishaps like a dog or cat snack or perhaps a trip through the washing machine. Presumably the case would be big enough in a pants pocket to warrant removal!

I am equally trying to imagine a scenario where the aids could become lost without being inside a case which you could mark up any way you fancy. If you do sports or other activities which are likely to lead to the hearing aid coming out then I’d recommend a clip or hearing aid snuggies, as you know it’s always going to head for the one puddle in several acres of dry land.

I am afraid as a metric system user I can’t really conceive of that label size no matter how much I try to convert it, but for difficult labels like inside shoes I normally use a plastic Dymo label, as these labels are laser treated rather than printed on and will resist moisture, but I have no idea if you could make one in that sort of size, it sounds small.

Around 5% - 10% of any dispenser’s annual sales can be replacements for lost or broken aids.

Airline security and brambles in the garden are the top two favourites for me.

Interesting! Why airline security, do some places make you take aids out, or do people just do it because they think they will have to?

Is there a higher rate of loss for CIC and other tiny aids vs BTEs or does it make no difference?


Jumper (USA: sweater? pullover?) off.

Hands out/ over head.

You notice they are missing - but there is NO way you are going back through the security system to ask one of those nice border guards if you can rummage around for lost hearing aids!

Ah, makes sense! When you go through airport security in an electric wheelchair it’s a whole different experience. I don’t have to take anything off or move, but then again I do get swabbed from head to foot for drugs, explosives and goodness knows what. I do have to go through a few rounds of “can you put your arms out like this?” “No” “Can you put your arms up for me?” “No, my arms don’t do that, hence the whopping great wheelchair”

If I lost something that expensive at an airport I would have the whole place upside down trying to find it. You could always take the opportunity to spend the night in police custody by saying you have heard there is going to be a bomb concealed in a hearing aid. You may go to jail, but they’d find your hearing aid! :smiley: