AI Headphones Let Wearer Listen to a Single Person in a Crowd


About 30 years ago I became interested in a company out in San Diego that had invented an incredibly directional microphone. It used a crystal of sorts as the speaker, completely different technology from any other speaker. You could actually go to a baseball stadium and point at someone far over on the other side of the stadium with a game going on and speak to that person. The people next to him or anywhere around him could not hear a word but the target could hear you perfectly. You could even pick which ear you wanted to speak into. it was that precise and narrowly beamed. what happened was the government stepped in an bought the company. And that is the last I ever heard of the company or their invention.
I just remembered it was about 1981 or 1982. LOL

If we can get commercial focused speakers (Holosincs), then you have to imagine that the spy world has some pretty sophisticated listening devices. Using AI is cool and all, but it’s really using an insane amount of computing power to solve a similar problem.

1981 was 43 years ago. Not 30. Time flies. Seems like only yesterday . . . . :joy: