AGX o Hearing Aids- Programming


Hello Everyone

I was just fitted with AGXO hearing aids… I ordered the Hi Pro USB version for programming but need assistance in locating software… The AGXO H-V2 series I believe is a Oticon rebrand?



Noahlink Wireless to offer

So I download Oticon Genie 2 Software…Hearing aids do connect but a meesage comes up essentialy that the Hearing Aids are legacy and I need to down an older /correct version … I go to Oticon but but cannot locate older version of Genie ?



I’m sure there’s a good reason, but why would you go with a legacy hearing aid? No less a private label one (rather than from Oticon)?



Rebranded aids a.k.a. private label use the software given to those outlets that sell the brand. There are a number of brands/models that require separate software that is not generally available. I’d either move to a brand your programmer/software will work with or return the Hi-pro.



I had Costco Kirkland 4.0 for 3 years …was happy with them other than the fact that I couldnt adjust (program ) them myself and the nearest Costco was 50 miles away …

So I decided to go through my insurance this year and buy locally … 5K for these AGX0 with streamer and TV adapter… the markup is is total nonsense but Insurance covered (which I still dont understand why Insurance Companies dont fight this nonsense as well )

anyways so this is the set that I could get at that price range through the local audiologist …I didnt realize they were legacy set. BUt I do like them…sound is more natural but yeah I need to adjust to my preference and not at all interested and being constantly charged next 3 years for adjustments …they are so slimy they only put 1 preset !

I may have found a older software Otiset… but of course having trouble extracting it on Windows 10…

Anyone ever use Otiset …?



Thanks Ken … I will snoop around AGX websites and see if I might find the actual cd/download that goes with this set … I could ask the audiologist for a copy but yeah thinking thats not going to happen :wink:



Hoy poop …the Hearing Aid Box says Made in Denmark… 05.12 2012 ! 5 years ago…if this was a retail TV store they would have been on the back clearance shelf 70% off



Complain to your insurance company. They are being ripped off, as well as you. :mad:



Yeah I thought the same exact thing today Diane… want to think this through first …make sure I’m not going off half cocked


1 . I am for the most part happy with the hearing aids…the sound is more natural than the Kirkland 4.0’s I had
2. I did get the options included…the Streamer Pro 1.3A

and TV Adapter… I was actually shocked my insurance covered those

  1. Pretty sure I’ll “eventually” find the right programming software for them… They are a Oticon off brand and HiPro did recognize them…just said it was a legacy set

the Cons…

  1. They are freaking nearly 5 years old technology !!
  2. Sneaky SOBS passing them off .that’s what really gets me
  3. Insurance Company is also getting screwed… I just don’t understand why the insurance companies cant sort out this nonsense with their Medical Coding…sure they see the Model Number and recognize it has “old stock” ?

— Updated —

Geez Here is the exact same set NEW for $800



So about going off half cocked and complaining … is it possible these were for example 9k in 2012 ? and the 5K does represent a markdown? Still seems insane price



No, you’re mistaken about the manufacture date. The AGXO H-V2 range is the same as Oticon’s Alta2/Nera2/Ria2 line. This platform was released in March 2015.



Thanks rasmus… so the Manufacture date on the ha’s box 05.12 is actually Dec 5th ?

As far as Programming … So it appears that
Genie 2015.2 may work …interesting date on Box a Genie 2015.2 anyway …thanks everyone



Genie 2015.2 fitting software …anyone have a link…couldnt find one initial search



The day-month-year (DMY) sequence is common to the majority of the world’s countries. This date format originates from the custom of writing the date as “the 9th day of November in the year of our Lord 2014” in Western religious and legal documents.



OK I give up…none of the fitting softwares work with the AGX and my audiologist isnt about to come off a copy of it… I am still within my 75 day trial …returning them and going back to Costco for the Kirkland 6.0

I listed the Hi Pro/Mini Pro and 1 Flex Connect on Ebay if anyone is interested… I paid $300 …selling for $200 (sure the Hi Pro/Mini Pro is a knock off but does work)