Agil Pro vs Ria/Alta 2 Pro


I currently use a 2010/2011 Oticon Agil Pro with which I am satisfied. For various reasons I’m looking at the option of purchasing a new hearing aids and the question I ask myself is whether the new Oticon Ria 2 Pro are equivalent in terms of performance and quality to my Agil Pro or better should I consider Oticon Alta 2 Pro ?.

Which new model of Oticon can be the equivalent to my Agile Pro?.

And, for the moment, the last question. Is the new Ria 2 Pro waterproof? It seems that the new Alta 2 pro meet the IP58 specification but I don’t know if the Ria 2 Pro also meet.

Thanks for the help.


The Alta2 Pro would be the logical replacement for the Agil Pro. The Ria2 Pro is a much lower level of technology, but it uses the same physical case design, so the water protection rating is the same.

Sorry. I now realize that I made a mistake, I asked for the comparison with the Ria 2 Pro model when, in fact, I meant to Nera 2 Pro which I think is more comparable to Agil Pro and above the Ria. What can you tell me about the Nera 2 Pro.

Thanks and sorry.

Nera2 Pro is not as sophisticated as Alta2 Pro. It lacks features such as Speech Guard and extended bandwidth, and it has fewer personal profiles and fitting bands.

Ok. I understand that, but which hearing aid is better, Agil Pro or Nera 2 Pro?

Tomorrow I have to see my audi and I want to be ready for the visit.

Thanks for all

Agil Pro and Nera 2 Pro have similar features, although Nera 2 has a bit more sophisticated technology with the newer chip (2 generations ahead of Agil)

OK , so with the Nera 2 myhearing will be similar to now with Agil Pro and perhaps some more benefit like the tinnitus treatment functions.

Thank you.

It also has a better feedback manager, better battery life and is meant to be better in noise, plus some binaural functionality: so the feature set has improved quite considerably over the Agil. Even before you consider the additional wireless options.

Thanks Um Bongo, what you say is more or less what my audi says.

I am evaluating the purchase of the Nera 2 Pro. I think the highest performance over Agil Pro are sufficient to spare the price difference of the Alta 2 Pro.

Basically I understand that while Nera are an inferior range to Agil, the improvement that has occurred in these hearing aids makes for benefits, become somewhat higher. It’s like that?

Besides the connectivity features including connectivity with a smartphone are also interesting.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Given that it’s two generations on, as has been already mentioned, lots of the features of the previous top level models have trickled down to the mid-range.

The way I usually pitch this is that everybody sits somewhere on the social interaction scale between a Hermit and a High Court Judge - that is, in their need to hear the most of what is going on. The nearer you feel to one end or the other ought to drive your choice. The Nera Pro is a fine aid with lots of potential for adjustment on the Youmatic system as well as the frequency response itself. Do a deal with your supplier and get a trial period - most dispensers would be happy to do this especially if they think you will potentially go for a an upgraded model if your first choice isn’t as good as you would like it to be.

Thanks again, Yes, try the headphones will be the best option. I think there is no problem to do so.


In quiet situations, your speech clarity will be improved using Nera2 Pro over Agil Pro in quiet environments. If you are happy with your Agil Pros, you will be happy with the Nera2 Pros. But if you are hoping for a BIG improvement over your Agil Pros, you would need to move to Alta2 Pro.

OK, if it improves speech understanding in situations where the other person is speaking at low volume, that would be a good improvement.

The Nera 2 also incorporate Free Focus feature, I guess that means it will improve the quality of understanding in certain situations.

The previous two features seem to me a good improvement over my Agil Pro.

Besides, I’ve seen that Nera 2 have a function called YouMatic I think that function improves the hearing aid customization, can someone explain a bit how this works.

Thanks for everything, you are a great help.

Youmatic is Oticon’s way of combining all the speech enhancement, directionality, response speed and noise-management into one basic slider. The farther to the left you place the slider the more ‘Dynamic’ the aid becomes, while when you move it to the right the aid becomes more comfortable. You can do all of this without altering the frequency response.

My conclusion is that really the new Nera 2 are superior in performance to my Agil Pro.

As I am satisfied with my Agil Pro also I think it will be the Nera 2 if in the end I decided for them.

Thanks so much for the help.