Advice needed for Starkey CIC/IIC

I am 35 year old male working as computer programmer.
I have very severe hearing loss in my right ear and moderate loss in left ear.
I have sensoneural loss in right ear.
I have around 100/110 db loss in right ear.
Today i take hearing test and AD told me that no hearing aid can fix issue in right ear.
Only thing which can be helpful is Bicros but that is not available in CIC/IIC.
She recommended Starkey IIC for my left ear which will cost around 4250(single hearing aid). There are few more options for IIC, lowest is 3200.
I ask her about Siemens Silk and Insio and she doesn’t recommended it for left ear.
She said Starkey makes smallest and powerful CIC/IIC.
I am not comfortable wearing any thing other than CIC/IIC.
My main concern with hearing is conversation with co workers in conference room, noisy environment.
Music and tv streaming is not important for me.
Is there any hope for profound hearing loss.
2 years back i have around 80db hearing loss which has now increased to 100DB.
I also mail to buyhear with my 2 year old audiogram and they suggested Siemens Insio 7px and phonax virto 90.
Considering moderate loss in left ear is there any other less expensive solution.
My AD hasn’t mail me my audiogram.
I will post it soon as i get it.
Is my hearing deteriorated because i am not wearing hearing aid.
I am really confused between so many brands and models.

I was under similar situation as your. If I were you, i would see another audiologist for second opinion.
I would def go with Behind the ear hearing aid and that will help you with speech.

As far as I have experienced, Starkey hearing aid does not help with Speech in noise environment.

If we ignore noisy environment then how Starkey fare with respect to feedback noise.
My AD insist that Starkey is very good to cancel out feedback noise.

Depending on where you are the prices quoted are Fleet Street, Rodeo Drive, or Park Avenue. The best pair of aids can be had for $6200 from a clinic or $2600 from Costco or $3600 or so online. She saw ya comin’.

I have a similar loss and had a single aid suggested. I tried two and much preferred that.

There are 3 levels of aids in each brand. Clinic pair pricing is typically $3200, $4800, $6200. Middle level aids are suitable for the majority of average loss wearers. If noise remains an issue, then the premium aid can help.

I am not sure why you feel CIC aids are the best option. RIC aids are very unobtrusive and will provide better features. Noise control would be much better. Directionality would improve. All in all, a better situation. The RIC can also address a severe loss better than canal aids.

People here have remarked the RIC are so unnoticeable that people don’t recognize they are wearing them.

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The reason i prefer CIC/IIC is i don’t want anyone to notice it.
My preference is not because of any features or power.
I did a quick test on right ear by using iphone in full volume and using only right headset.
I can hear and understand words although with difficulty(with some words still missing) , so with enough power can I hear through my right ear as well?
I prefer to hear clearly in noisy environment but i also realize that most of my work is in office.
I am computer programmer and my environment is very good.
Can i use multiple hearing aid at once like i can use RIC or some big hearing aid in office and IIC in environment except office.
Can anyone suggest good and trusted AD in New York City or near Edison, NJ

Thanks for all the help.

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Why? You have a profound hearing loss, wouldn’t you want people to see you wear hearing aids to clue them in on your hearing disability vs. them thinking you’re stupid when you don’t understand something.

I just not able to prepare myself mentally for wearing hearing aid other than CIC/IIC.
I understand it is better to have RIC.
Is there very huge difference in hearing experience with CROS.
With CROS i will still utilize my only left ear for listening.
What is the difference between IIC in left ear only and RIC with CROS.

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As I mentioned the RIC is very unobtrusive. For a profound loss, the small and middle size canal aids aren’t likely to be strong enough. You’ll have a visible pink lump in your ear that would be more noticeable than a thin wire.

Some people with one-sided deafness find the CROS little help while others do. It seems to relate to mental processing. It again relates to our different losses and expectations.

Living in the past? Go to an hearing aid office and look at other ppl’s ears. RICs are cool compared to ears that are stuffed with CICs.

Here’s Part2 of a 3part video >>link<<. Hopefully this will explain to you what CROS does. It takes sounds from you deaf side and sends that sound (wirelessly) over to your good side. Some ppl like it. Some ppl prefer one ear hearing.

CROS is still one ear hearing, one ear with a remote microphone. Does squat for stereo hearing, sound location, performance in noise, all the wonderful things two hearing ears can do that no CROS system can make happen.

OP - get over it with the CIC. I did ITE, CIC, and mCIC for over 25 years until I finally went to RIC. The performance difference is HUGE, especially at worse levels of loss. Really, unless you are in HS or grade school, nobody really cares if you wear an aid or not.

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I second that nobody really cares if you’re wearing HAs in the adult working world. The only one who cares and is oversensitive about it is yourself. What people care about is not having to repeat things to you constantly. Or that you missed understanding critical things being said at work. That’s when having a hearing disability becomes an issue to them. Seeing you wearing HAs but being able to hear fine with your HAs makes it become a non-issue to people whatsoever. In my decades of wearing HAs at work, there has never been once where anybody said anything to me about wearing HAs, neither by coworkers nor by customers/clients.

I can guarantee you that people who work with you already know that you wear CICs because they are still visible on the side. You may think they don’t know only because they never care to comment on it because it’s really none of their business to comment on it anyway.

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Exaggerated perhaps, but you get the gist,

Thanks for all wonderful responses.
I got my latest hearing audiogram.
I have one question regarding my right ear.
Can i get any hearing improvement in my right ear with RIC or any other hearing aid.
I can hear and understand word when i listen only through right headset with full volume.

My hearing isn’t as bad but it is lousy in one ear. The audiologist thought I’d do as well with a single aid. I tried two and saw a difference. So, try it and see for yourself. It the only way to really know.

When you get past the vanity issue, see an ENT about a BAHA or Cochlear solution for that ear.

Signia Silk

Your audiologist should have referred you to an ENT doctor for a medical evaluation because your air conduction results are much poorer than your bone conduction results. Medical treatment or surgery may be available for your hearing loss.

My ear is already operated by ENT 6-7 years ago.
My hearing was then still bearable but during last 2 years it got deteriorated and i now feel the need for hearing aid.
During all these years i have difficulty listening to low tone conversation but still manageable in normal scenario.
I am thinking of going to ENT again for complete checkup.
I last went to ENT around 2 years ago.

I think you are in NJ. Dr. Robert Jyung out of University Hospital in Newark is very good. Hard to get an appt with, but he is very knowledgeable.

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