Advice: Looking to train as a Hearing Aid Instrument Specialist


I have been searching online for training on being a Hearing Instrument Specialist- The only one I’m able to find is the Hearing Aid Academy. I watched their training video and I’m feeling hesitant because it seems really sales pitch-y. But the time it takes to obtain your training (3-6 months online) is extremely appealing as well as the low costs of the courses. I can’t find any reviews from previous students either. I feel like I’ve searched all over the internet and am coming up with dead ends. Can anyone recommend an online training course for HIS or maybe validate Hearing Aid Academy for me?
As an aside- I do not currently work for any Hearing Aid companies (I am a grocery store cashier) but I do wear hearing aids myself. It has never occurred to me before to seek out this line of work until recently. Having worn many over-the-ear brands and experienced different kinds of molds, I feel like I’d be uniquely qualified to provide first hand experience and recommendations, plus I can relate to clients (especially the 40 and under clients).

Any words of advice would be appreciated!


I don’t think they have HIS training courses but Audiology Online has other free Webinar courses online. You have to become a member to view the courses but it’s free unless you wish to receive credits for the courses. Use their search tool.


You should find out what the requirements of your state are and which courses are accredited or recognized by any government bodies.


I looked up that one too. Even if you passed the course from them, does not mean you become a HIS right away. Depending on the country/state, there are requirements to be met in order to get a HIS state license. You have to be sponsored by an audiologist and work with the audiologist before you can get your state license.


Thank you! This is a good start.


Have a look here IHS Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences Course


Have you talked to your hearing specialist about your thoughts on this. Maybe there is a door waiting to be opened.


I haven’t talked to a specialist yet. I was just in a few weeks ago to get new molds made but hadn’t yet considered this career path. My family and I are considering a move to another state sometime this year, so I’m looking at state requirements to see what’s available.

I really appreciate all the suggestions! SO helpful and I’ve been looking at the link to IHS as well. I’m relieved to know that there are more options!


Another avenue I thought of is Costco.
They are expanding their hearing aid locations faster than they are opening new stores. I know locally and maybe it was just a super friendly fitter, but she went above and beyond to help a bright young light open doors at a College and find lodging.

That new recruit is now a highly regarded HIS in another province.


I just saw this thread. Spokane Valley Community College in Spokane, Washington has a 2-year HIS degree/ certification program that appears to be mostly online. You might want to contact them. Good luck.


Hi there, I have a similar interest as you do. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 18 years and know what a difference they’ve made in my own life in terms of deepening my connections with others, professional achievements and overall confidence.

I, too, have thought that I could bring a unique perspective as a HA user in helping others.

My research has me most interested in the IHS Distance Learning for Professionals course. I believe, but am not sure, that this is the course that Costco uses to teach all of their HA Apprentices that they are training across the country.

You might want to explore the possibility of working for Costco so that you can benefit from them paying for your training and then employment afterwards.

Good luck!


You might have to retrieve shopping carts first.


Which avenue did you wind up taking, Shuttermama?