Advice for reducing "Noise Reduction" level

Background: my audiologist’s native language is not English and her version of Phonak Target is not in English, either. It’s difficult for me to explain nuances of how I need the hearing aids tuned, so I’d like to be able to point to Phonak Target and ask her to adjust it.

I’m due to go back for a tune-up next week and I’ve been having great success in noisy scenarios reducing the “Noise Reduction” setting in the myPhonak app often all the way to 0, or using the Music setting for speech. The noise reduction does seem to filter a bit too much useful sound for me.

In my audiologist’s version of Target I can see two settings that roughly translate to “Soft Noise Reduction” and “Noise block”.

Does myPhonak app “Noise Reduction” slider map directly to the “Soft Noise Reduction” slider in Target?

Given my experience with the overly aggressive noise reduction, should I suggest any other changes to settings?


I don’t know what myPhonak app does? But you can Mouse Hover over the tiny (i)s to find out what Target does;

Tip: You can click the image the enlarge;

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I have to turn everything to 0 to fully understand speech on my Phonaks, the latest version tho.

I noticed a bad effect on speech understanding with any of the features turned on.

Thanks! I see the names of the sliders are not exactly the same between myPhonak and Target.

I agree the algorithm is quite aggressive.

I’ve recently changed to Oticon as Oticon way of working allows you to hear more but not 100% why.