Advice for new people

questions are for a journal article

What are the best things for someone to know who is new to hearing aids/Progressive changes in hearing loss or who is getting changes in their devices such as changing from ric to custom or HAs to implants. What are good places for information?

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I personally find this place a good resource. There are users and skilled providers to assist.
I see you posted your audiogram. Did your provider recommend any hearing assistance?

I am not sure, but perhaps some of the newer OTC (over the counter) hearing aids now marketed may help inexpensively.

Where in the worldwide sea is this mermaid located?


Most folks here would love to have that audiogram


Just have a search round the forum, anything you want to find out I guarantee you will find. There are so many knowledgable people on this forum who can answer any questions you have. Just don’t worry your hearing loss is easy to solve with a pair of decent bearing aids😄

I already have hearing aids and other ALD, but am currently writing an article to due with hearing loss for a journalism lecture.

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Haha,yep my hearing loss is pretty stinkin good on paper but definitely challenging to manage even with devices when combined with my other medical issues.

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No question that you notice the hearing loss. If we’re saying that hearing loss is anything over 20db then you don’t actually have any normal hearing🤷‍♀️You’ve got worse hearing in the lower frequencies than me. I find that some people on this forum who have severe to profound hearing loss forget that actually a mild/ moderate hearing loss can have a severe impact on someone so don’t let anyone fool you that it’s gonna be easy.

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Mine is also progressing as of late and I’m a young college student. But I’d imagine hearing loss, tinnitus and an auditory processing disorder definitely would be challenging for anyone else too. We’re guessing it’s a mix of congenital and also genetic disorder complications. But it’s so interesting to see other people’s perspectives plus accessibility and the impact it has is something I’m passionate about, leading me to be writing this article.

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I am also a young college student going into university next year, also with a progressive hearing loss that’s genetic 3 out of 4 of us in my household have hearing aids and profound deafness stretches far back in my family. And I tinnitus too we have a lot in common. Tinnitus is extremely common amongst hard of hearing people it’s usually the frequencies you are deaf in most people say. You can definitely get perspectives from older people On this forum who have been through more and experienced more.

I definitely tried to ignore my loss as it got more obvious as i got older, but only started to see someone recently to get proper hearing aids which ill have to keep getting updated but ive seem alot more acceptance or knowledge about hearing loss among younger people.

The longer you wait the longer it takes your brain to properly process the new sounds.

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Someone here recommended this book:

Hear & Beyond
Live skillfully with hearing loss

Shari Eberts and Gael Hannan

It has made a huge difference for me. I bought the paper back and e version.



Before I read the book I reacted like a victim…my job made me heard of hearing.

Shortly after I started reading the book they explained that I could communicate better; be part of the solution, and not adding to the problem.

Hope this helps.


@Mermaid88 , thank you for writing an article. Please post it here. I’d love to read it.

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