Adjustment to the Restaurant/Party program

I have had my Resound Futures for 10 months now and usually program one is all I need but sometimes I switch to program two, the restaurant/party/loud background program and it helps some but not a dramatic difference.

I remembered the software with the sliders for speech, soft speech, noise, etc. so I asked for another adjustment. I asked the pro to max out (in a positive direction) soft speech, speech, and speech in noise, in program two, and minimize noise and loud noise. I think it was 9 db in each direction (speech up, noise down).

It is making a big difference in hearing in the most difficult situations. I figured since program one handles normal restaurant situations and just about everything else, I would have program two maxed out for the worst, most difficult situations.

I also noticed while I was there that for program one, the DFS Ultra (feedback stopper) is set to mild, meaning it is not working very hard, but I have no feedback. That was very reassuring that I will be able to stay with an open fit even if my hearing gets worse.

Hi Don,

Thanks for posting that info. I have had my Futures for 6 whole days now and am making notes for the first follow up visit next Saturday. I have P1 as Natural Directionality and I can see I will need some tweaking there (the sound of typing on a computer keyboard, rustling paper, etc. is really annoying, as well as the high white noise levels when working in a computer room filled with racks of equipment sounds and air handler sounds). I have the restaurant program for P2. It has been initially setup for fixed, forward directionality with noise reduction set to considerable - rather than using the Environmental Optimizer with the 7 separate settings and the autoscope feature. So far it seems to work pretty well but I might want to experiment to see if it could be made better. The idea was that if P1 isn’t cutting it, then the fixed settings would be a way of forcing the aid to a more “agressive” setting. I have the road noise program for P3 but it does not seem to be helping with the road noise at the default settings. I am going to need to see if there is a way to improve on that one. I usually drive with the window down at least part way and my '97 Civic lets a lot of road noise through even with the window up. I think the noise reduction levels are going to need to be bumped up quite a bit - maybe like in your restaurant program.

Thanks for the info,

Don, I also have the ReSound Futures and am scheduled to go back next week for a tweek of my programming. Some of the information you gave here seems VERY useful … BUT, whenever I make any suggestion to this hearing aid dispenser (he is not certified as an audiologist) he gets mad. Any suggestions how to approach him tactfully?

I don’t know, that’s tough. I’m a big believer in getting several adjustments and both of my Costco audiologists seem like they don’t mind at all.

Also, I’ve found the Resounds, more than others I’ve tried, need more tweaks from the standard computer setting. What I mean by that is that the way they come seems to let in more background noise and with a couple of tweaks, that is solved. It’s pretty amazing all the adjustments available for these and how good they sound once those are made.

What if you said some online buddies recommend 5 adjustments, one every two weeks, and would he agree to do that, and you’ll agree to make careful notes and have a short list for him every two weeks? Could it be that he doesn’t like the open-ended “more adjustments in the future” thing? Making a definite schedule might win him over.

Also, since you bought at Costco, you have unlimited followup adjustments and it would be nice if you ended up being friends with him but that’s not always possible. You might have to just say I want it, I paid for it.

I’m a bigger and bigger fan of these Resound Alera/Future the longer I have them.

I’ve found that the standard settings let in too much background noise and with some tweaks that goes away (for program 1 and 2). Like you described, all the program 1 bells and whistles handle almost all situations. I now have a super-duper speech in noise program for program 2, and I use the program 3 for music/tv. I also have 4 set up for phone mode but I have never used that.


I think that you can get this problem straighten out. The number one rule with Costco is customer satisfaction. The store manager can get you taken care of. This audie will most likely take care of you are get let go.

Just explain, what you need and if he can’t meet your concerns, send you to someone that can adjust your HA’s properly. Should he refuse, see what the manager has to say about his attitude.

I believe you will get your HA’s adjusted as you want them.

I have met the local rep for Resound, and he is a great guy to talk to. He made a couple of suggestions to the audie after he looked at my hearing test. The adjustment made speech more crisp.

Hey the audie that I have is a great person and has worked with me and tried different settings. He does have twenty plus years with HA’s.

All the best and good luck,