Adjusting Volume on Bluetooth Device vs Hearing Aid

I apologize in advance since I am kind of green on Bluetooth. I didn’t go wireless on music until I bought my current set of hearing aids.

I have noticed that volume increments on most of my Bluetooth devices has bigger volume jumps than my dual hearing aids. So if I adjust the volume on my Samsung phone, it is possible that one position is too loud while the one below it is too soft. This is especially true on songs that have mellow and heavy parts too them. Meanwhile my Phonak Audéo V and Compilot ii has numerous adjustment levels which is nice but I must hear the beeps over the music every time I tweak the sound level.

I have also noticed that occasionally my music volume through Bluetooth will suddenly jump to a slightly different level. I am wondering if this is the Bluetooth or perhaps my hearing aid is switching to a different program (mine does this automatically) due to environment settings which causes the volume change.

I am curious if others have either of these issues. Perhaps I need to choose better Bluetooth devices or maybe I need adjustments on my hearing aid.

Are the mics on when you have Bluetooth as the source? If so the hearing aids might be doing some processing but it sounds strange that it would change the streaming volume level, but maybe the feedback processor is doing it.

Outside sounds are definitely amplified on mine though the volume of those sounds are diminished somewhat. I actually wanted a special program (manually controlled) where the mics would be completely off for those occasions where I want to listen to music or watch a movie and ignore the external world as much as the aids will allow. But either it isn’t possible, they did not know how to do it, or perhaps silently refused to do it. I have the V13 model that includes volume buttons and push buttons on the hearing aids, but neither is configured to do anything.

Have you looked at the phone app? It should be able to mute the microphones. Check your manual for the BT device; I believe it too can do that.

It’s not possible to have two Bluetooth audio streaming programs, but you can get an additional -12 dB of microphone attenuation by doing a long press of the minus button on the ComPilot II when streaming.

I don’t see this ability on the app. The Phonak Remote Control that I’ve got doesn’t have much power beyond verifying battery levels and validating that hearing aids are functioning properly. I wish it did have that ability.

I didn’t mean that I want to watch a movie and listen to music at the same time on Bluetooth. But I may end up routing my TV through my computer at some point so that I can hear TV news or a sporting event while doing computer work (and still get computer feedback sounds). It will be interesting to see if there is voice lag behind the video when the TV TOSLink audio gets processed twice. I tried this on analog once before, but there was too much noise. Another thing I like about going through a computer sound system is that it would be less pairing changes needed since multiple audio sources can go through a central source.

Thanks for mentioning about the command on the ComPilot II. I need to go through the whole manual again. I don’t remember that function and it definitely helps on the issue of eliminating extra external noises.

I still need to debug the Bluetooth volume changes. This problem occurs most often in my car where there are lots of external environment changes on sound. I need to try it with the mic suppressed using the method you provided. The first time I used my hearing aids in my car, I thought my vehicle was falling apart.