Adding a second Connexx Smart Transmitter 2.4

We have a Smart Transmitter 2.4 that works great with Dad’s KS8’s.
We would like to add a second Smart Transmitter 2.4 to another television in the house.
Anybody know where I can find any information on doing this? Is there any conflict between the two signals? Will one unit disconnect when the other unit does connect? Is this even possible?
Surprised I couldn’t find any information on Connexx’s web site.

Only been about two years…
Couldn’t get one single person with any clue on this?

Well Actually it’s quite possible, all you needed was to look in the user manual, so you can connect to multiple transmitters, but you’ll need to pair them each time as the HAs will only remember 1 paired transmitter at a time.

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. But repeatedly having to pair and delete every time I go from the bedroom to the living room is not the answer.
I was wondering if the App could remember a list of units, and allow me to pick which one to activate from that list. (just like any other list of bluetooth streaming or smart devices in a relevant app would)
Easier to just disconnect the Streamer and carry it into the other room to plug into the other TV. (in other words, not easy at all)
But thank you again for the reply.

Yeah I get that (I don’t think you’ll need to delete as such) but this is for the older models from Signia, I wonder if its still the case with the later models
( xperience, AX)
As I don’t have the transmitter, I’ll check within the software to see if it’s possible, as a side note, Resound allows this, as they allow up to 3 tv streamers at a time, each on a different channel.

Ha! We (my father) used to have a ReSound Streamer 2 (w/ LiNX 2). But traded it all in for the Kirkland Sig. 8 and its compatible streamer a few years ago. Oh well… LOL