Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast



Has anyone tried this fitting formula yet?

How do you find it?

I thought it was only available for the Naida B but I can see it on my Phonak Brio P-UPs so might try it.


What’s the difference in that and the regular Phonak adaptive formula?


It has slower compression.


Yes, I use it from the beginning in Naida B.
I have used APD in Naida V during my testing period. I am sorry, I can’t tell you the difference any more, I am used to APDC for nearly 9 month.
Your question let me think of it again. Maybe I will switch to APD. Why? When being together with my family my daughter and wife have loud voices. My son in contrast has a very silent voice. It takes a couple of seconds until I can understand what he is talking about. When my son and I talk just to both of us (in absence of the females) there is no problem in understanding him. Although his voice still is very silent.
My hope with “fast compression” in APD is that the gain for G50 is reached more rapidly than with APDC. Btw Phonak does not recomend APDC for severe hearing losses.

That’s a really bad thing that we can’t apply a different formula to different programs at the same time in a single HA. And I don’t have a second pair to compare the differences on the fly. (Or switch back if the change is too bad).