Adam Curry on Hacking His High-Tech Hearing Aids

Language warning! Please don’t watch this video if you’re uncomfortable hearing the F word and a few others… But had to share to the group. Interesting perspective. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Curry has perused our forums himself :laughing:


Thank you for sharing, very cool!

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Wow! Wow!


Joe Rogan seems to be an acquired taste. Interesting video though, Thanks for posting the link.


I expected real deal firmware upgrades and changes, hacking.

Fun video for those who still hear pretty good. For us who don’t and self program he describes what we are trying to do to hear and understand words.

Glad he explained the difference between OTC and quality hearing aids.

Thanks for sharing.

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Normally don’t watch his show … this video was shared on an audiologist forum I peruse, and I found it entertaining. It’s rare for people to have such deep conversations about hearing aids on the air.


Very interesting. I liked that he recommended seeing a audiologist (hearing aids specialist). Very good information. Thank you for sharing.