Activate T-coil in Phonak Marvel M90-13T

What is involved in getting the t-coil activated in the Marvel 90-13T.
My new Marvels are from the VA, but the latest firmware won’t happen un-till
sometime in November. the audiologist didn’t activate the t-coil when I got
them, but now I could make great use of it now, however the first appt. I can
get is not until Nov 4. Can anybody that dispenses Phonak do this for a price.

There is an additional program,I believe it is called “Public T Coil + Mic.” The VA should have enabled it when you got your aids. I would think anyone who can program Phonaks could do it. The unknown is whether or not they would. A fair number of folks won’t touch an aid they didn’t sell. The firmware update has nothing to do with the T coil. I have updated my VA obtained M90-13T aids myself as well as making considerable changes to the programming otherwise. I have yet to actually use the T Coil in my aids. There aren’t many places around here that are looped. By the way, does your local VA clinic have walk in hours? That is what they suggested I do when I picked up this last pair. Had to wait a while, but it wasn’t too bad.

It is an easy job for any member who self-programs Phonak hearing aids. I suggest OP to move this thread to Hearing Aid Self-Fitting and Adjusting [DIY]

Find somebody near your place.

Or you can try eBay. There are a few sellers who offer hearing aid programming service for under or around $100. I used these services a couple of times, and both were very satisfactory.

Below is a link to a hearing aid programming service for $60 at eBay.

Hearing Aid Programming - Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Unitron

Make it sure to communicate with the service provider (eBay seller) asking if he/she can add t-coil program to your Marvel. Programming of some Marvel models requires new Noahlink Wireless programmer.

The M90-13T has the connector for a wired programmer. Only the rechargables require Noahlink Wireless only.

yep, just a box my aud checked to turn it on…