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Hello all

Am fairly new to this forum but as I’ve now reluctantly got 2 new hearing aids which have been wearing for nearly 2 weeks now as never wore old ones and got lost in house move. I was not officially diagnosed til almost 30 as have been in denial but decided some things could be made easier if I took seriously and gave a proper go. What I wondered is can you be born with tinnitus. For all my life I have had a very loud high pitch buzz in both ears and also struggled through school as it was a real strain to make sense and couldn’t always make out individual words but gues I adapted and developed my own language. I now realise sound like Donald Duck. I somehow slipped through the net and never had a hearing test and when I’d complained of my ears didn’t seem to work properly it’ was put down to a bit of earache as all seemed healthy but never sent to be tested. I accepted the noise in my ears and never questioned as I could hear and thought that deaf people couldn’t hear anything at all as it was silent. I was a young adult when I learned of tinnitus and then did question my hearing. I was fobbed off when bouts of sudden deafness with even louder noise was taking longer to get back to ‘normal’ so went prime gate and tests showed moderate to severe loss in both ears I got aid but didn’t use and then lost them but went recently again with simelar results and got some from hns and they are better than expecting as they are the latest up to date devices from a very reputable outfit. Audiologist said I’d probably been born this way and that makes sense and I haven’t noticed much change in life so far fingers crossed. Maybe am a bit daft but was I also therefore born with tinnitus as when I first learned of it I assumed it was loud noise that caused it but I have never know a moment of silence as it’s continual 24/7 n I’d thought everyone must hav so accepted. I am not bother d most of the time as I’ve not known any different but can imagine people must find it irritating and quite disturbing if it has suddenly come on never having had. I admit as it is so loud at times I did wonder and thought that the reason I had to concentrate and struggled to make sense of what was being said that it was cos I couldn’t hear over it properly. In that way am glad it’s always been there cost am sure I’d feel dispaired if that noise suddenly happened cos to me it’s just part of me. Anyway ye just wondered if you were born with I cos I can’t remember a time with out it. Denial has meant I’ve not payed much attention so am still in learning mode. Thanks



I’m new to the forum and have been using widex evoke fusion 2 440 hearing aids for about 6 weeks now. I have had the zen program put on them for tinnitus and was wondering if anyone is using this program and if so how is it working for them.