About the Online Sellers Category

Online hearing aid sellers regularly appear in the forum, and this leads to our normal discussions being hijacked and turned into promotions for one online seller or another. The Online Sellers category is organized so that all online sellers will have their own managed thread where they can explain their services in a structured way. Here is the required format:

  • Types of products offered - {a list of product categories}
  • Brands offered - {a list of brands - can be organized by product type}
  • Services offered - {a list of services offered}
  • Selling points - {what specifically makes your services unique and valuable to consumers}
  • Current promotions - {up to three products or services that you want to highlight and link to}

Descriptions may be organized using plain text and bullet point lists. Links may be used to link to different areas of your website, but limit links to a maximum of 10, including your promotions. Each post must be titled with simply the web address of your online business.

If a user asks a question within the Online Sellers category, any online seller may answer the question, and may promote their services within the category. Online sellers are welcome to add insight to any conversation in the general forum, but are not permitted to discuss their products or services in the main forum. Online sellers may not attack one another and may not post on one another’s managed threads.

These rules may be updated at any time, and online sellers must observe and follow the rules or risk being banned. You will only be warned once.

Disclaimer: The team at Hearing Tracker recommends that you do not attempt to fit or adjust your own hearing aids or purchase hearing aids from online sellers (when no face-to-face professional support is supplied). Hearing aids are extremely powerful, and in the wrong hands may do significant and permanent damage to your hearing. The fitting and adjusting of hearing aids is best left to those with the training and experience to do so carefully and accurately. Where possible, we recommend that consumers seek a local professional who performs Real Ear Measurements (REMs), to ensure that your hearing aids are not delivering more amplification than necessary for your hearing loss. REMs also ensure maximum benefit from your hearing aids, in terms of speech understanding and auditory awareness. For a list of local providers who perform REMs, please hearing aid clinic directory.