8 inch tablet

Hi, I have an Oticon Real 1 miniRITE R and I am looking for a 8 inch tablet for streaming audio to my hearing aids.

The Samsung tab a7 light that I have does not do this. If anybody could sugest a tablet that works well I would be happy.

Thank you

For the A7 Lite you will need the Oticon ConnectClip, see below:


Or Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 for direct audio without the Oticon ConnectClip, unless if you want two-way communication:

Not sure why S8 & S9 don’t seem to be compatible!!!

If your hearing aids are equipped with MFI (the Apple version of low-energy Bluetooth) then an Apple mini iPad will connect directly to your hearing aids for streaming music without needing any intermediate device.

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Thank you. I think I better invest in a new tablet instead of the connect clip.

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Thank you but I would prefer a reasonably priced android tablet. But maybe in the end it will be the mini.

I use 3 tablets, a $1200 Ipad Pro, a $1200 MS Surface Pro, And a $200 Umidigi 8" Android tablet. The Umidigi does everything the big boys do, some things even better. Bluetooth connection is perfect.

Edit - my mistake, the terrific Umidigi tablet is 10" not 8" and the current price is $259

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Check out the iPad mini. I bought one a few weeks ago to replace a Kindle Fire – an awful tablet that did me the favor of dying.

I did some searching and comparing. It gets rave reviews – astonishing how many.

And I think it’s terrific. Have not done a ton of streaming on it but what I’ve done has been seamless. (Note: if you will use it for any GPS/Nav apps, you’ll have to get the version that allows cellular in addition to WiFi – tho’ I don’t think you actually have to activate your cell service. Haven’t played with that yet.)

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I think it’s worth looking at tablets from other manufacturers, such as apple, lenovo or huawei. They have functionality for transmitting audio to hearing aids.
I hope you can find the right tablet to suit all your needs
Good luck in finding, Pata

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