7K bilateral ringing -- HELP

I have developed a bilateral ringing in the 7K Hz range it is constant 24/7.

So loud at night sleep is near impossible or at best fitful. This started about 6 weeks ago, grandchildren were over and very loud…

The only thing that seems to help is a hot tub of water and my ears submerged

Anybody have a magic wand, this sound is maddening

Get your Verites turned up on the highest frequency handle. The Feedback manager will give a warning, but you and your audiologist should be able to set a level that doesn’t whistle but is higher than the default.

And another thing, drink less coffee, go for a walk/swim. Try a few relaxation techniques. While you are doing that, put an de-tuned FM radio on really low in the night to stop yourself listening to the tinnitus.

Neuromonics… check them out

Sadly no magic wand for tinnitus.

Re: at night. You can try masking the tinnitus with some form of broad band noise. Nature sounds like waves or rain are often pretty good and not so bad for sleep. Fountains and fans often help, even a radio with a little static.

It sounds like the onset was pretty sudden, any other symptoms that showed up? Anything change in the past 6 weeks? New medications perhaps?

As mentioned coffee and stress are often culprits. Asprin too can be but only if exceeding recommended dose.

Since Robert says his is bilateral and onset quickly is it correct to assume then that his problem is something other than his ears?

My tinnitus is only in one ear and has been there as long as I can remember. Thankfully it is a lower pitched ring and I can usually ignore it. I occasionally get the much higher pitched ringing in both ears like Robert describes. For me it is usually blood pressure related. If I am bent over for a long time and stand up quickly I will get the high pitch ring in both ears, but mine will also be combined with a dizziness. But for me it usually subsides quickly.

I mention this just to make a recommendation to Robert to check his blood pressure and see if it is running high.

Tinnitus can happen for a lot of reasons and is expressed so differently in each individual that research on it is very difficult and we are far from all the answers. Bilateral onset means some of the more dangerous possibilities are unlikely. Problem could still be in the cochlea (inner ear) though. In some very rare and severe cases in the past, people severed the auditory nerve sacrificing all hearing to try and stop the tinnitus and in some cases it continued or even got worse so tinnitus can most certainly be retrocochlear or in the brain.

Sudden bilateral onset just suggests to me some change in his history, environmental, medical or otherwise even though thats not necessarily the case.

Wish I could be more specific on this one but determining pathology of tinnitus is tricky

Thank you very much for your advice, seems to more manageable. I do miss more than 1 cup of premium coffee, but the trade off is worth it.

I think exercise has helped as well, I work from my home office and of late my job keeps me glued to my chair 14 - 16 hours a day with this economy… I now have a 45 minute calendar event everyday for “getting out of the Office for a walk or a bike ride”.

There’s a raft of stuff about using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in a form know as Tinnitus Retrainig Therapy (TRT) for people who suffer badly with it. However, as you’ve found, taking some small steps with your lifestyle can help a lot.

Look at it another way, you can see the tinnitus as a helpful warning mechanism, telling you to back off a bit when you’re overdoing it. NB: this won’t be the same for everybody as the trigger mechanism may be different.

Glad to hear you are doing better though :slight_smile: