Had sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) in Oct. 2004, then again in Oct 2012, to left ear.  Can't identify the reason, but possibly just was busy & had high work stress (?!)

Basically, had a nap and woke up with a "full" feeling in my left ear.  In both cases, quickly went to an outpatient ENT, had steroid treatment; however did not recover. 

2004 hearing loss (in my mid-30s) was around 30dB level, so "workable" & not a major problem. 

However in 2012 (in early 40s) , declined to 80dB, with very poor WRS (10%); so definitely NOT workable.  However due to good hearing in right ear; at the end of basic treatment program ENT just told me there was nothing else that could be done to improve things (including using hearing aids); and to just look after my right ear. That's it.

Since then, trialed some top range (48 Channels?) Phonak and Signia CROS hearing aid, with weekly fitting visits, for approx. 3-4 months each.  However (1) still did not notice people talking to me on my left side UNLESS in a quiet environment; which I could pick up on my good ear anyhow!  (2) did not help in restaurant, bar environments; so relied on lip-reading and turning my good ear to the speaker ,, although still of limited help.

Started to worry that this lack of hearing in my left will have an adverse affect on my brain etc. so from last year, after 8 years since hearing loss, purchased Starkey X-series IIC 90 hearing aid for my left ear; after 4 months trial (with BTE version) & follow-up fittings . AUD promoted as way to "get noise" into my left ear; although NOT actual word/speech recognition or comprehension.  Not sure if it's doing it's job; but wear it pretty much all day in the hope it's doing "something" good ,, 

If anyone has any advice or ideas, highly appreciate your insight.  Thanks.