Male UK resident born 1956, retired lifelong engineer, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Software, R&D, Diagnostics and repair, I will have a educated go at repairing almost anything, if nothing else its a valid learning exercise.
Dabbled in phycology due to management roles, but not a main interest.
I get personal pleasure helping people.
Music is my soulmate, as is reading and online video gaming FPS and MMORPG.

Guided here by hearing loss, its turn out I have been lip reading for years, had a hi frequency deficiency since a teenager, now with age I don’t hear softly spoken people especially women, unless I can see their lips.
Went for a hearing test, that proves my hearing is deficient, I’m outraged at the prices, I wont go the purchased new route as technology a few years past is more than sufficient for my needs and there is no comparison to new prices.

There appears to be no support for second hand devices fitting and aftercare, there’s a potentially huge market out there for dead mans hearing aids so I don’t understand why.
I am here to learn and provide solutions for myself and anyone else I can help.
I got this, just need to find the information resources.

All the research of the last few days leads me to the phonak 90 series as most of my portable tech is Android, and the 2 paired at once with 8 possible pairing is what attracts me.

MAKE DO AND MEND is my mindset.