Zvox Sound Bars

I’ve been reading about and looking at the Zvox Sound Bars. The one in question is the Accuvoice AV 203. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or any of the Zvox products?
Thanks CSB

I have a Zvox Soundbase 450 sound bar. I bought it used a few years ago. I don’t remember ever having a different sound bar so I couldn’t compare it with other brands or models. They probably have a newer model with improved voice comprehension by now.
It has a special mode or setting that accentuates dialog. It’s not a night and day improvement in comprehensibility from the regular setting but it’s a noticeable improvement. It’s certainly a big improvement over the TV’s built-in speakers.
I always have it set to the speech enhancement mode. No normal-hearing person has ever said it sounds weird to them.
Is it worth buying? Yes, in my opinion.
Would I buy another Zxox soundbar? Yes.
Hope this helps.

I’ve been using one for the last two years or so. It replaced an older soundbar. I find the Zvox much better. Spoken words are easier to understand, sound clarity is good. I’m quite happy with it.