ZPower station firmware update


anyone tried to update the ZPower charging station firmware?. Seems they released a new one in October 2018, and the process looks pretty straightforward. Only warning is NOT to use an USB hub.

Any review about the update will be appreciated.


We have been doing them regularly. We started getting calls from folks saying the left aid wasn’t charging. I called and found out the charger needed an update. It was emailed to us, we downloaded and it takes only seconds to do. Easy-peasy. Fixes the problem!

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Did it, hassle free. It took about 5 minutes. Will post in a few days if I notice any difference.

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I wonder if you can share the result after the update, if you notice any different.

I just bought a ZPower system from eBay for my OPN 1s and I’ll be trying to update the firmware on the charger as well if it’s not already on the latest version.

Also, how have your rechargeable batteries been holding up? I heard about a lot of issues with the batteries failing only after a few months, instead of lasting for up to a year or more. I don’t know if that’s because of the bad programming in the charger, or bad battery chemistry that needs to be tweaked.


Hi Volusiano,

Update went fine. I tried using again a set of batteries I left apart because they were not lasting for long, and they went back to full day lasting. I think old firmware was ending charge prematurely, while new one makes sure the battery is really charged.

Anyway, I had to give up ZPower for now, because one of my battery drawers went dead. I’m waiting for the arrival of replacement drawers.


Thanks for the update. By battery drawer, do you mean the Battery Door Module? I think they call the rechargeable battery the Battery Assembly Module.

Yes, battery doors :slight_smile:

The new replacement doors (drawers) say Oticon Rc. (underlined)on them. I keep my charger covered especially during the day to keep the dust from falling inside. I set the box from the kit that has a perfect cutout for the cord upside down over the charger. The pesky blinking green light during the night bothered me.
I read somewhere the battery level on apps and phones is not at all accurate for Z rechargeable batteries as they were designed for zinc disposals.
I can’t say mine are 100% problem - free. When the rechargeables work as they should, I love them; but now, less than 3 months into the the replacements, and I am again having problems. I’m not ready to give up on them yet. Back to the Audi. Maybe I need another new door like Victor.

Good point about covering up the charger when not in use to avoid dust collecting inside of the wells!

What kind of problems are you having now less than 3 months into the replacement? The batteries don’t last you a full day? If so, how long do they last you now?

I find it unlikely that the battery door module would all of a sudden fail or act up. It’s more likely that the batteries themselves don’t hold up to a whole year like advertised, either due to the charger not charging them up properly, or due to the Silver-Zinc chemistry life not lasting as many cycles as they advertised.

From the beginning of the replacement time, I documented battery not lasting a full day - with or without streaming for about a week. Sometimes, the lights still flashing after all night charge indicating not fully charged. Then Christmas Holidays turmoil and I stopped keeping the log, but for the most part, they worked and I was back in recharge groove, but always carrying extra disposables. 2 weeks ago-they stopped lasting all day. I marked the edge of the battery (fail) on the left with a red sharpie trying to determine which side is the problem. Always the left side. Inconsistent hours and has nothing to do with amount of time I stream or use Live Listen which is streaming…I really don’t know where the problem is. My gut says it is the charger. I also wipe off the door contacts on a soft cloth before I place them into the charger each night. I can remove them from the charger after all night and immediately replace them into the charger and the lights flash green as if they are not fully charged. I find that weird. I also think the batteries will never last a year. I have read everything I can find on ZPower.
Like I said before, I love them when they work-but working as they are supposed to, sadly, has been sporadic for me.

@kristen.demint who’s a ZPower rep who posted once in another ZPower problem thread. I wonder if she’s still actively monitoring these ZPower threads or not? If yes, I wonder if she has any comment about the state of the ZPower system and battery reliability by now.

Another question I have for ZPower is whether the ZPower batteries are under the 1 year warranty like the charger or not? If yes, are the replacement ZPower batteries that customers buy after their first set of batteries is exhausted after a year (assuming that they even last a year as claimed, which at this point is not clear) also under any warranty? Thanks.

That was happening to me before firmware update. Have u updated your charger firmware?

Can confirm that too. I contacted ZPower after one of my battery doors failed, and I already had a new replacement door. So, seems new doors manufactured by Oticon fails too…

I’m sure the door failed, as I followed the troubleshooting guide that ZPower user manual provides:
(see last page)

@Volusiano Hi there - this is Kristen DeMint from ZPower again, I am attempting to change the username but as I stated in a different thread, Michelle Abbott is no longer with ZPower.

The warranty of the ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids is handled by each Hearing Aid Manufacturer. I would recommend you talking to your Audiologist or HCP and ask them for details about the warranty for the system you bought.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Does anyone know if there is a firmware update for Zpower charger since second generation zpower came out? I have tried to get/find an answer but no luck… I would be willing to download and update my charger (I use OTICON OPN1s…zpower) to see if it helps with battery life … although I am demo-ing OPNS1s (lithium ion) now and will most likely switch but would be interested to know IF Zpower and/or Oticon will be supporting OPN1 that use zpower…TIA

As far as I can tell, ZPower doesn’t seem to have an option to check for a new update to the firmware like many apps do. You’d just have to go on the ZPower website and download whatever they have posted there, which is supposedly their latest, then try to install it to charger and see what it says.

Thanks…their site still shows the Oct 2018 update version… guess I was thinking that since they came out with a “second generation” there might be some firmware…

As far as I can tell, that’s supposed to be the latest. Many of the improvements they made were around mid 2018. So their second generation stuff has actually been almost a year old already. I’m not aware of more new stuff done since last year.

If you’ve already updated your charger, the only other thing to check is to ensure you have the latest version of the Oticon battery doors for your hearing aids. You can tell this by looking at the outside of the battery door, if there is an underline below the word “Oticon”, you have the latest version. No underline = old version. Your provider can change them out for you at no charge. Oticon made changes to the design of the doors to ensure better contact when in the charger as I understand it. This was done quite some time ago so it is likely you already have the latest versions.

THanks… yes, I’ve got the new doors and firmware from October 2018 … I was just wondering if zpower would be providing any updates based on their “second generation” charger to those of us with the older version… probably not - since Oticon has moved on…

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