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An update that may be of interest to those of you who are using the Z Power rechargeable battery kit with your Oticons. I have OPN1s with the rechargeable battery kit. While trialing, I had a multitude of problems with batteries not holding their charge for longer than a few hours, regardless of whether I was streaming or not. After a lot of back and forth between my audio and Oticon, they set me up with a new set of aids and a brand new Z Power kit, and sent me on my way. Everything worked great for about 4 months, then the battery in the aid in my left ear started to run out of charge prematurely. This happened sporadically with increasing frequency, so I made an appointment with my audi, thinking the door on the aid needed to be replaced. When I met with the tech, she said what they do now when anyone presents with rechargeable battery issues is … replace the entire kit. They released a new version of the charging station and doors late last year that works much better and Oticon made the decision to upgrade customers experiencing problems free of charge. The next generation of OPNs will apparently have rechargeable batteries built in, so they won’t have to rely on a secondary supplier (Z Power). They will continue to support those of us who purchased earlier generations of aid for about 5 years, after which time we will either be ready to switch to newer technology and upgrade to new aids—or switch out the doors and go with regular, non-rechargeable batteries.


New Oticon Opn S Hearing Aid

Zpower has stated that some active dryers can harm the batteries. After replacing the batteries with later generation Zpower batteries; and updating the charger firmware; and stopping dryer use, battery longevity improved. Still have not gone past more than about 4 months.

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I got my brand new ZPower system in March 2019. I was hoping that all the ZPower issues would have been solved by then.

Unfortunately, one of my batteries failed within one month of use with only about 4 hours of use time. I’m waiting for a replacement.

Anyone else with (or without) an issue with their ZPower batteries not lasting a full day before a year is up should chime in here so we can see how many people are having this issue.

@kristen.demint of Oticon : any comment from an Oticon rep here?

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@Karentoo, I’m glad that your replacement kit works. I had my doors, batteries, and charger replaced too, with the “upgraded” version that came out in late 2018, but one of my new batteries failed to hold a full charge after about 3 months of use. So, unfortunately, there may still be some reason why OPN users are having problems with early ZPower battery drain. Let’s see if anyone from ZPower or Oticon posts a response here. Thanks.



Hey Richnfamus1,
It’s disappointing to hear that your “upgraded” version did not solve the premature battery drain problem. For the record, my audi has ordered a replacement kit or me, but I haven’t received it yet. I’m still using the one they gave me in September 2018, which has issues.

I hope Oticon is able to resolve this with Z Power soon. It’s better than burning through regular 312, but we should be able to make it through a day without worrying if our batteries will fail in mid conversation.

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone significant from Oticon OR ZPower EVER addressed any of these issues in here?

I’ve got a similar problem. OPN1s, ZPower recharger, batteries on the BEST day of their lives have NEVER made it through a full day. I’ll call my audiologist tomorrow to see if there’s any significant improvement/upgrade from either company that’ll actually turn these rechargeables into something useful.