ZPower problems?


OOPS… I guess the Genie is the stuff that audiologists use to program HAs … sorry … I’ll have to contact my audiologist in the coming months about what (if any) S functions will be coming to OPN1s …


It’s interesting that the Hearing Tracker site link above makes explicit reference to the option to have a Silver-Zinc rechargeable option for the OPN S miniRITE version.

Yet, the official Oticon website below makes no reference to the Silver-Zinc rechargeable option for the OPN S miniRITE version. Engage with our styles

So now I’m not sure who’s right, who’s wrong. I guess you’d tend to believe the Oticon website more than the Hearing Tracker website for Oticon related info.


Hi @Volusiano. Sorry for the delay. Michelle Abbott is no longer with ZPower but I am happy to help and provide you with some information.

A single ZPower battery replaces 100 disposable batteries on average. This of course will depend on the type of hearing aid that is used and the way it is used, i.e. streaming habits, hours battery is charged, etc.

Please find our Best Battery Practices document on our website here for helpful tips when using the ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids. https://zpowerhearing.com/battery-best-practices/


I have a marvel phonak device, and prefer a battery which can be switched with a regular battery, which is why I would have considered zpower, if only they’d have something compatible with phonak marvel.


There’s a possibility that the Phonak Marvel can be retrofitted with the ZPower system later on, as long as Phonak is willing to OEM the ZPower system and offer it to their patients. Oticon did the same thing with their OPN miniRITE (released them first without a rechargeable option then later OEM’ed the ZPower system to the OPN miniRITE line).