ZPower Batteries

Are there any after market batteries compatible with ZPower or are you locked in to the ZPower product line?

Power One is good for me!

Do they work with the ZPower charger? There are a number of incompatibility reports on Amazon

Oh no they don’t. I see where you are coming from now.

That’s what I wanted to know. But with the proper charger will they work with the aids? A 312 is a 312 right?

Yes a 312 is a 312.

I’ve heard that the Power One rechargeables don’t last the whole day.

Thanks. I figured there was something when I did a search for ZPower compatibles and there was nada.

I think I read where Z Power hearing aid batteries were a silver oxide/zinc batteries. The Z Power battery charger will only work with silver zinc batteries.


EXPERT INSIGHT #2: How long should the hearing aid battery last after a full charge, and how does Bluetooth affect this?

What is the future for Zpower now that new hearing aids are developed with Lithium?

Probably not very good with Phonak, Signia, Resound and now Oticon having gone with Lithium and Widex’s new fuel cell, I suspect Zpowers are going the way of Betamax. But who knows; I have no special knowledge.

I want my hearing aids with regular batteries, but wouldn’t mind a rechargeable zinc radio. Is there an option? I just don’t want these to be built-in so that I always can revert to regular non-rechargeable batteries.

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I just don’t want another charger to drag with me when camping or traveling, carrying extra batteries is easy

Nor do I, which is why a hybrid system such as Z-power sounds interesting. Unfortunately I do not know which charger would be available with a Marvel device.

Not available with Marvel, but here’s a link to hearing aids compatible with ZPower system:

Power one Accu-Plus might be a possibility, but I’m doubtful as the chemistry NiMh is lower voltage than standard.

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When I looked into the NiMh hearing aid rechargeable technology, I decided that it was not viable because the AmpHour capacity of the NiMh hearing aid battery is simply too low. By my calculation, it’d probably run out of juice in half a day for me because I stream a lot and it’s a power hog to stream.

The other issue is of course there’s not enough economic incentive to go with this option either. Then the hassle of having to change out the NiMh batteries in the middle of the day. So you’ll need to have two sets of them around.

Given that Oticon has invested in the ZPower technology by OEM’ing it in their OPN line of HAs, yet they’ve chosen to abandon it on the OPN S model now, I’d say that the prospect for the ZPower option is not very good.

In that huge thread on this forum about the ZPower system with all the issues they ran into initially, I remember reading that Oticon had to step in and and take over to implement fixes in the manufacturing process in order to resolve the issues themselves (at least presumably for their ZPower OEM version).

Yet on the OPN S model, they are no longer offering the ZPower option for the S version but instead chose to go the Lithium-ion route. This is a big red flag showing that they want to move away from the ZPower option in their future models.

Another angle here is that perhaps the Zinc Silver chemistry used by ZPower simply doesn’t have enough capacity to last all day on the OPN S version, maybe due to more power demand on the new Velox S platform. So Oticon has no choice but to switch over to the Lithium-ion strategy.

Am I correct to assume that the OPN S does not come with a Zinc air disposable battery option, and only the rechargeable battery option is offered? This may also be an indication that the power demand on the OPN S version is so big that the disposable option is no longer viable with the S, especially if this brings down the usable period for the Zinc air option down to only 2-3 days for normal usage.

I was thinking NiMh would only be viable in 13 (or 675) battery size and it’s doubtful it would work with Marvels because of the low voltage. In Accu-Plus’s advertising they suggest getting 10 days from a conventional battery as a guideline of Accu-Plus might work.

I am wondering what my ITE aids do have for processors seeing I am only getting 2 to 3.5 days out of my 312 batteries

I’m guessing it’s most likely that your ITE version uses the same chip with the same processors on the Velox platform like they use on the mini RITE version, since your ITE has the full wireless capability that the mini RITE has. It’s probably mostly a packaging change, because your 3/4 shell ITE is probably big enough to house the chip they use in the mini RITE version. The only thing your ITE doesn’t have is a dual microphone option on each hearing aid like the mini RITE has.

The fact that you only get 2-3.5 days out of your 312 batteries is probably due to the fact that you’re retired so you may spend more time streaming compared to somebody else who still works, hence less time streaming.

I get 3.5-4 days out of my mini RITE. But then maybe it’s because I stream less than you do. I also use my batteries down to the last drop. I don’t change them when I start hearing the low battery warning chime. I continue to use them until when they quit working altogether. If they give me warning and stop working in the middle of streaming something, but still work OK as long as I don’t stream, I’d replace them with fresh batteries so I can continue streaming. But I don’t toss the old ones out yet. I save them for reuse when I don’t stream, until they give out completely.