Zoom calls on Samsung Galaxy A10e disconnect with Phonak Marvel

I am a new HA user. I have phonak marvel HA and they are paired and connected with my android phone Samsung Galaxy A10e. I use Zoom for work and have been having a few issues and didn’t know if anyone could help. When I am on a Zoom call with my bluetooth HA, Zoom disconnects or freezes and the reconnects. I am assuming it is the HA because I didn’t have the issues before I got the HA.

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I also have the Phonak M aids with the Samsung S9 phone. I don’t use Zoom but wanted to ask about Notifications. My aids will blink connection anytime there is a phone notification of any kind. By minimizing all notifications to only the really needed ones this break in communication with the aids has stopped.

Good luck

Thanks for the tip. I will try that and see if that changes anything.

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