Zon hearing aid

I’m new to the forum. I wanted to find out if anyone has used a zon h.a., and what do you think of it?

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place. Member Steep slope has an excellent, day by day review of the Zon 5 here. Member ZCT is a Starkey fitter and is very knowledgeable on this brand, however I think he’s said he hasn’t fitted the Zon yet.

Yes indeed. I’ve played with them and listened to them, but not actually fitted one. I’ve been spending a lot of time in retirement communities of late, and most of these people are not suitable candidates.

But the Zōn is not hugely dissimilar to the Destiny in terms of the operation of it. It is programmed with the same software, it is just more ‘smart’ than the RIC that came before. Other than that it’s about the same aid in a nicer case and is waterproof.

So I’d argue that if you have experience with the Destiny range (as I do) and Bluewave SP (as I do), then you pretty much know what the Zōn is about.

As for the blog that guy is doing about the Zōn 5, that’s a great first person perspective, and one of the best threads I’ve seen on this board. Definitely more useful to a patient thinking of getting an aid than the ramblings of a self confessed Starkey fan!

I’m an outside sales rep for NuEar and have fit hundreds of the Voz which is the same as the Starkey Zon. If your fitter is as good as this product you’re going to be very happy. Good luck. I wear them too.

Does anyone know the lowest price these are available?

To anyone who has fitted the Zon 7: Does the in-built REM system work well?

you mean built in RECD, it is not a rem…
there is a big difference right?

And it does make RECD easier according to the people I have chatted…

I fit Audibel.

The Lx is their Zon.

The Lx 700 = Zon 7

The Real Ear is a nice feature, don’t get me wrong. I like it, but it doesn’t always make a “night and day” difference. There are so many possible adjustments to that product, I would be blown away if someone cannot accurately find a way to help your loss.

The Zon comes in three models: 3, 5, and 7. All are high end, premium devices with directional microphones, multimemory, whistle control.

Prices are different depending on where you go.

Audibel had an open fit device called Virtue before the Lx. I was fitting the Virtue 12 open aid for so long. When the Lx came out, I offered new trials on all those in Virtue 12 OTE to try the Lx700.

No one went back! It’s a good aid… but with so much control, make sure the person knows what they are doing. Else money is wasted.

Give the same hearing aid to ten different people, and you can expect to get ten different sounding hearing aids back.

Best of luck.

I might get a Zon 3 and would like tp pursue the option of programming it myself. Can anybody out there help me with this pursuit? (I live in an area where “professionals” aren’t always “up” on things.)

ZCT said in part…

So what’s wrong with being a Starkey fan? I presently wear Starkey J13 Cierra BTE’s… and love them. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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ZCT was being tongue-in-cheek. He’s an audie who fits only Starkey.

Do I feel stupid now! :o

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