Zon 5 or Zon 7 - worth the price difference?

I have been to see several private hearing aid dispensers to get a good idea for both cost and service. All recommend receiver in the ear and two have recommended the Starkey Zon range for my hearing loss and use (I’m a primary teacher).

I also like the look of the aid as it’s very discrete - so much better looking than the NHS aids. Hopefully it also performs a lot better and I’m certainly willing to give them a try.

I have also discovered that the Zon range is available as a rebadged Specsavers Advance 321, 421 and 621. It is the exact same aid even down to the two-tone waterproof case. However there is a huge difference in price between their price and a local dispenser. The Advance 321 (Zon 3) is £995 per pair as opposed to £2150, the 421(Zon 5) is £1195 as opposed to £3200 and the 621(Zon 7) is £1595 as opposed to £4200. The local dispenser is looking into this to see what he can do.

I have also been told that we could start with the Zon 5 and then later try the Zon 7 if I wanted to see what the difference may be and whether it’s worth the extra. I’m wondering if anyone here would be able to tell me what the differences are and if they are worth what amounts to an extra £400?

The advantages of the Zon.7 over the .5 are actually pretty big. The added features of the .7 are IREM, voice alerts, 5 more environmental adapters’ as well added channels and bands. One of the big ones is the added Acoustic Signature: Wind, with the BTE mics, you want keep wind at noise down.

If you are worried about price and looking at the .5, then I would direct you to the .3 and invest in some custom molds and added warranty or batteries.


I have decided to go with the Zon 7 as I really feel I would like the best option. I have made an appointment for next Saturday so that i can get them ordered and choose colour.

Now what colour to go for?