ZCT where are you? Destiny 1200

Thanks for referring Destiny 1200 for me. I think it is the closest digital hearing aid compared to Beltone CSp-II analog programmable. However, I still think 1200 is about 80% of CSP-II.
Interesting, I have tried NL1*, factory default digital formula. I feel the speech is quite clear for most people except for some men, but I like to have louder sound. I also don’t like the compression, it always bothering me for some speech. However, I felt comfortable in noisy area. The kneepoint is set 44 at ch 1 & 2, 40 at ch3, 54 at ch 4, 50 at ch5 & 6, 46 at ch7 & 8. The gain is -1 at ch1, 18 at ch 2, 27 at ch3, 43 at ch4, 52 at ch5, 45 ch6, 39 25 at ch7 & 8 for soft. -14 ch1, 5 ch2 9 ch3 25 ch4, 25 ch5, 24 ch6, 23 ch8 18 ch8 for loud.
The threatre setting is basically the same gain for most ch, except high for ch 1,2 & 3. It is louder and better for men but still need more volume.

I switched to NAL-R. I felt it was louder but only the low tone. The high pitch(speech) was worse. I dumped it right away.

I also tried Berger.
For normal setting, it was not too loud and quite clear. However, the sound is not loud enough and I still like more clear speech. Maybe I need more high pitch. It works ok in quiet environment, but not in noisy place.
For the threatre/distant settings. The sound is louder and the speech is clearer. But for some people(ladies), I feel the sound is too low tone and override the high pitch. Overall, I still can hear their speech but feel the sound is too low tone and want a little bit more high pitch. For most men, I can hear very well for the speech. The kneepoint is set at default, 52 at ch1 & 2, 48 at ch3, 38 at ch4, 34 at ch5 & 6, 30 at ch 7 & 8. Gain for soft is 19 ch1, 28 ch2, 38 ch3, 45 ch4, 54 ch5, 47 ch6, 41 28 ch 7,8. Gain for loud 2 ch1, 14 ch2, 19 ch3, 26 ch4, 35 ch5, 28 ch6, 23 18 ch7, 8.

For automatic telephone, it always have feedback and barely can hear the telephone voice.

ZCT: I think either Berger or NL1* works for me. I like to have NL1* crisp speech, more comfortable in noisy environment, but Berger power, volume and no compression.
In my perfect case, I like to have :confused: Berger threatre settings but with more gain in higher pitch (clearer and crisper speech) and maybe a little bit less gain in low ch. How should I do that, adjust the kneepoint, or gain in some channels. Please advise. I appreciate your help and knowledge.


I’ll hop in to give my two cents: If you do not like compression and are used to analog aids, you should raise the kneepoints.

it is a multi memory aid right
so you can program 1 - nal nl1 and program 2 berber
and still have the best of both worlds

Hi Xbulder:
I think this hearing aid is really flexible to adjust. I still don’t know which formula is the best and which fine tuning of the formula is necessary. I think it’s a trial and error. That’s why I think if consumer like me can do the adjusting myself is better to book an appointment say, two weeks later, then found out need another adjustment, and then make another appointment 2 weeks later, then the trial period is gone. It’s really frustrating and time consuming. Also, you and your colleague need to experience with you at the same time. If you are working for some demanding job, it’s impossible to do that way.
Anyway, I think I need to wait for ZCT for further comments.


You can always send ZCT a private message. He might not have seen the thread (but here’s a bump for it anyways!)

Sorry, been busy, I got the PM at last and responded!