Your pattern of changing batteries

It occurred to me that for convenience sake, some users may choose to change BOTH batteries when one dies. I’m curious if anyone does this or do you just change each battery as it dies? Since batteries are relatively inexpensive, I suspect the convenience factor may weigh in with some of you. What is your practice?

When either dies, I change both. If I am going away for the weekend and expect the batteries to die during that time, I will change both before leaving home.

Interesting thoughts… I hope to have HAs soon and am wondering what is the acceptable way to discard the batteries?

They can go right in the garbage. Batteries with mercury were outlawed years ago. These only contain zinc which is a supplement in another form.

I usually advise people to just change both. My practice supplies batteries to all patients for free, so there is no reason to try to milk your batteries. But even if you pay for them, the second one is probably not far behind the first, so why find yourself in a situation that is less convenient to change them?

I change both when one dies. Somehow it’s always the left one that dies first. When I’ve left the right one in it usually dies within a few hours of the left one anyway. Mine last about 8 days so currently they always die on a Friday. I’ve got to remember to change them a day earlier this week. I’d rather they die on a Thursday than a Friday or Saturday when I’m more likely to be out at night.

I finally remembered to write down when I changed mine and then let them go until I got the warning tones (I’ve been changing them any time they were more than a couple of days old and I was going somewhere where I didn’t want to have to change them). Eight days for me too and that’s with Costco 312 batteries (the freebies, I haven’t yet bought any). No streaming.

It also seem to me that just changing them once a week would work pretty well and avoid having them run out when I was involved in something.

I am averaging 8-9 days out of 312 batteries. Usually I just change them both at once - the left usually goes first and the right will be less than a day after that. I have also experienced the odd battery or two which have lasted only a day or two or 3-4 days. Two of those were from the same packet so I guess there were a couple of duds in there.
Today I changed the battery on the right when the microphones seemed to be not working. They seemed to work at first but A little while later I noticed hair noise on both sides if I touched my hair on the left but no hair noise if I touched my hair on the right. When I got home I changed the wax filter but that did nothing so I tried a different packet of batteries and that worked. Usually if it is the battery the aid just stops working so this was a bit odd. I will have to keep an ear out for what is happening but hopefully it was just bad batteries.

interesting im new to the whole thing but i used to change only one but after few days some times one day i find my self changing the other so now i get used to change both of them in one time at least when it beeps i know i have to change both of them no need to wait the next one to die !!

Both on Sundays.

Both at the first low battery beep. Normally 8 days on my batteries, and normally my right one goes out first. I have been thinking about just changing to changing my batteries every Sunday morning as I get ready for church.

My 312 batteries do not last a full week. Lots of streaming. So i cannot just change them the same day of the week, which would otherwise be convenient. For the most part I change both at once. I make a point out of taking the batteries completely out a night and randomly assign them to left and right when I put them in the next morning in order to increase the likelihood of both going at the same time (otherwise my left will always go first).

I get a week. When the left beeps I change them both. Interesting that Chuck is thinking about going to Rechargeables. Is anyone out there using rechargeables and if so what kind of life are they getting out of them?

It goes against everything I believe in to change them before they die… :wink:

I’d be surprise if Chuck were thinking about rechargeable. He gets batteries for free from the VA.

Some with them have remarked it’s hard to get through a full day with the 312 size. If you are thinking rechargeable, consider size 13 aids.

No recharging batteries is not reasonable for a 312 battery. And yes I take advantage of my capacity to get my aids and batteries, etc from the VA. And I recommend that anyone that can do so please do so.
We service our country and we were given the benefits so we damn well should use them.

When it beeps, I change the battery.

I change them both once one goes out. I get 9-11 days out of them.

I gotta add to the masses here. When one side beeps low batteries, I replace both. 7-10 days with 312 batteries…depending on the amount of streaming.

Only changed twice. 10 days first set. 11 days 2nd set. I was driving when the right aid started beeping…two hours later, dead.