Your opinions needed regarding FM receivers :)

I need your opinions on whether it is worth while wearing two FM receivers when my left ear does not pick up any speech?

I’m being recommend to only wear one and to have FM only so I can concentrate on speech on my right HA only and then use my left HA to be aware of noise.

Do you think that is the way to go or should I wear two, basing it on my speech scores? I’m totally lost but I did wear one FM thru school :slight_smile:

Are you using the MX 1 that can plug into your Compilot? If you do that, you’ll obviously only have one receiver. The only advantage is the possible ability to discern direction of voice source if you have one receiver in each hearing aid.

In wearing integrated receivers. Im wearing know receiver now, doesn’t sound instituted and confusing. I can actually understand people now when wearing one on just my right :slight_smile: