Your DREAM features for future hearing aids


In fact you have to accept these facts, not “except”?

I am sorry but glasses can’t do everything for us, that’s a dream, too. I wish glasses could do for me what my HA does for me. My vision may be not as bad as your hearing loss. My hearing loss is even worse.


My spelling has never been very good


1Bluejay… I’m stealing 1 of your ideas…
Perhaps be able to stream conversation like we stream phone calls, TVs and laptops.
there is a huge difference in my comprehension when streaming…

also I wish somehow the HA’s could have say a master decibel setting that we like to hear most everything at and would automatically kick in… when you are with a soft talker the vol. would be raised automatically to that decibel setting… and the same with loud talkers except it would be lowered


I LOVE the recognizes voices idea. Unfortunately at times I have not lost ENOUGH hearing that just lowering the aid response of everything else would block out enough for me to understand the person I want to hear. I almost need something like “noise cancelling” for all but the person I want to hear!!


Isn’t this automatism available already? My audi didn’t program my HAs the way you suggested. But I made the change to get nearly the effect you described. At least this works for me with my Naidas: Gain is decreased by 10dB for loud noise/voices (G80) and increased by 10dB for soft sounds/voices (G50) compared to my “master” setting (G65). Normal voices still sound the same as before the change.
On my last HAs this effect was not settable without impact to the speech quality.

No problem, my fault. I was just confused because I am not a native english speaker.


Sort of related to your idea of streaming conversation … I posted a new thread about new spectacles that let the deaf see live performances with the script displaying in closed captions right on their eyewear.

That gave me the thought about (DECADES AND DECADES FROM NOW!) having a similar device to enable us to see captions in groups of people, where we only have to turn our head to the person talking and we’d SEE what they are saying on our specs.

Yeah. I’m dreaming … again!


They all have that already. There is a separate gain setting for 50db, 65db, and 80db input, so you can increase soft speech without loud speech being too loud, and that is one of the best innovations of the last few years.


My dream things I would want to make a good hearing aid are

  1. A more comfortable open fit dome that doesn’t have to completely touch the side of your ear canal

  2. A setting that will allow you to cut out nearly all background noise in a noisy situation so you can focus in on only those you talking with.

  3. The ability to have a program which learns what kind of environment your in and adjusts the volume and background noise level to make it the most comfortable for you when you have it on that setting without you having to keep changing programs


1Bluejay … Language translation is in the works with one of the major manufacturers of HA’s. I don’t remember the manufacturer’s name, but I definitely read it in a release over the last 3 or 4 months. I’m fortunate to have my HA’s provided by the VA, but they’re not always in the forefront of technological advances.


I think Starkey’s Vivio offers language translation. Really doesn’t seem much of a leap to me to turn this into captioning on a smartphone or perhaps something like Google Glass.


I have never gotten anything but the latest hearing aids from the VA


Yes - perhaps it’s already there with Google glass? If I didn’t hang here on this board, I’d be clueless as a moss-covered stationary stone. I wonder why Phonak’s Roger pen device can’t be utilized as the speech capture device that would then integrate with Google glass. Or … does the Google glass pick up audio on its own?

Ah, I should surf up to the 'net and find out!


Some kids at my local university were working on something like that. Though I’m not sure they got very far. It is something that is being thought of, however.

The new Phonak app will caption all of your calls, so that you can stream the calls into your ears while simultaneously reading them on the phone.


You need to demo hearing aids from various manufacturers. They do sound different. Don’t just settle for OK.


I had NO idea that was possible. Ah, I guess I shoot myself in the foot not having any kind of hearing aid app on my Samsung phone. It just bugs me that SO MUCH of our private life has to be handed over to Big Comm companies if we’re to have any kind of convenience. I object to having to share all conversations - with transcription even stored at T-Mobile servers.

On the other hand, I’m pretty convinced the NSA already knows who-all I’m talking to about what-all. Not that I have anything to hide …


A reasonable price as opposed to the absurd pricing of today’s hearing aids. We are all subject to the fixed pricing established by the oligopoly of hearing aid manufacturers. It is much like the food producers who supply our supermarkets. In one day, all the producers drop the volume of coffee per package from 16oz to 12ozs. Or, suddenly, all cereal boxes are reduced in size. What is the American Federal Trade Commission for?


^^^ So true. Let’s be thankful that hearing aid manufacturers basically strive to improve the functionality of these devices, as opposed to make them cheaper, shaving nickels off their costs per pair.

Why is it that whenever a product (be it a food item, cosmetic, household product, etc.,) is announced as “NEW and IMPROVED!” it is in fact, upon closer inspection, smaller, cheaper, disappointingly mucked up to make us feel like donkeys for even buying it! And of course, the price has been increased for this “favor”. :roll_eyes:


The rich get richer.
If you want gains in your stock portfolio then those gains have to come from somewhere. Lower labor costs. Less cost to produce products. etc. All to increase share value or dividends. Even the rich consumers of those products have to pay more for the products and get less of it that they’re profiting from.


I am living my dream with the way my OPN1 hearing aids sound and the fact I no longer have to have a streamer that is an extra device. And my Iphone and Apple watch work as remote controls.


A self changing wax guard system and extended battery life on disposable batteries (battery change every 2-3 months would be lovely thanks!)

Also batman style automatic retractable flaps which pop up over the front microphones to provide ‘super’ directionality when high-noise is detected - This last one sounds a bit silly but I did play around with a set of hearing aids a while back and fashioned my own cardboard ‘wings’ to create a complete physical block from all of the sounds coming from behind and I gotta say they sounded pretty good to me!

Happy for any hearing aid companies to contact me regarding my awesome ideas (shared at a premium of course :wink:)