Your advice please

My Phonak BTEs are are over ten years old and it’s time to replace them. I had a hearing test today and here are the results:

250-40, 500-60, 1000-70, 1500-100, 2000-115, 4000-120, 6000-110, 8000-100
250-70, 500-70, 1000-80, 1500-80, 2000-80, 4000-95, 6000-90, 8000-95

Speech Audiometry
Left SRT-65 SDS 48% and 90dB
Right SRT-70 SDS 84% and 95dB

What would be the best hearing aids for this hearing loss?

This is something you want to discuss w/ your Audi.

Yet, based on the results, you would need something that can accomodate a severe to profound hearing loss, such as the Phonak Supero, Phonak Micro Power or Oticon SUMO DM.

My personal preference would be the Micro Power and if that is not enough, then the Supero.

When you get them, please post and let us know what you got and how it works for you.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

Since reading your reply I have been researching on the internet and I think I understand your preference for the Micropower. The receiver (I tend to think of it more as the speaker) in the ear, separated from the microphone above the ear, makes a lot of sense. My only concern with it is wax, and more particularly, perspiration. I sweat profusely. I can keep my molds clean with warm, soapy water, but what about a receiver in the canal. Will this be a problem, do you think?

When comparing the Phonak Supero to the Oticon Sumo DM, I don’t have the technical expertise to prefer one over the other for their abilities. All I see are two super strength instruments, one with full control for the user via remote, and the other with no control by the user. On that basis I would lean toward the Phonak with the remote. Intellectually I understand that a truly sophisticated instrument can, and probably should, operate autonomously. In reality, I’m apprehensive about that.

On another forum someone recommended the America Hears FreedomAD Superpower. Is this at all comparable to the Phonak Supero and the Oticon Sumo? It’s certainly less expensive and it does offer some controls on the aid itself.

FYI, my audi suggested Oticon Syncro or Safron (in that order), Siemens Centra or Artis, and finally Phonak Perseo 311 followed by Phonak Supero. She said I might also consider the Phonak Savia, although that would be more expensive. She seemed reluctant to quote Phonak and when I asked her about that she said that their prices are not as good because they won’t discount as much and also she is having difficulty with their software in the satellite office I was visiting. She is not having that difficulty at the main office, so as long as I am willing to drive 1 1/2 hours to the main office, she would not have a problem dispensing a Phonak. I appreciated her candor, but I do not think her software difficulties should be a part of my buying decision for something I have to live with for years. The point I’m trying to make here is that I think her ranking of Oticon #1, Siemens #2, and Phonak #3, was more for her benefit than mine.

To sum this up, my questions are:

  1. Does the Phonak Micropower present a moisture problem I would not have with other units?
  2. Is the America Hears FreedomAD superpower a viable alternative for me?
  3. Do I need another audi?
  4. Are today’s aids truly sophisticated enough to justify eliminating even volume control?

Thanks again for the information you have already given me, and for whatever you might provide in response to these queries.



For severe losses, volume controls are very important, as even though the instruments are much more automatic and “smart”, they cannot read your mind.

It is sometimes true that certain manufacturers will offer better pricing, especially to an Audi who dispenses a lot of their product. Yet, when deciding what is best for a patient, I think it is the audi’s job to choose what would work best first, even if it means a smaller profit margin.

In addition, make sure your audi has the newest verison of the software. They should have just received the new IPFG software in the past week or so. If not, they can always have Phonak overnight it to them at no charge…there really should be no need to travel so far if they just have an operating computer.

As far as the other online brand…I don’t have any experience with them, other than the ADRO chip they use from Gennum, yet I would doubt that they would be anything close in the end, as a sucessful hearing aid is determined by both a high quality instrument and professional, particularly for more severe losses.

Moisture and wax problems have not occured at all with all of my Micro Power fittings, as the receiver (speaker) in the ear is the same as with a CIC hearing aid and their wax protection is second to none.

If your ear canal is large enough to accomodate the Micro Power, it is a great choice and is so sleek and comfortable to wear.

OK, I’m going to try the Micropowers. Should I go for V or IX. In other words, is the IX version worth the additional cost? If so, what is the benefit?

Again, thank you.