Yanny or Laurel - like the white or blue dress debate


Latest twitter debate I thought some may be interested in

Laurel or Yanny? What you hear could depend on hearing loss - ABC News

I heard Yanny. (With & without aids using my iPad)


Hahahaha, I hear Luarel, my wife hears Yanny.


Yanny here. Nothing that sounds like Laurel.


Laurel here. Don’t hear Yanny at all


I heard Laurel but once when I wasn’t concentrating, I was doing something else whilst listening I did hear yanny although a lot faster than laurel. I actually went to do it again and only heard Laurel. Odd!!


I used headphones, flat eq and un-aided - laurel
I used headphones, my eq settings and un-aided - laurel
I’m not sure if it’s a very good test with how I used headphones with the aids but back to flat eq - laurel still
I may have imagined hearing a little sorta clicking at the end.


Absolutely laurel. Yanny pronounced differently, with less speed.


Without aids it was a clear Laurel.

With aids it sounded like GI. (as in GI Joe)


I watched PBS last night when this topic was discussed. With my ha’s I heard “moral” and replayed it four times. I clearly never heard “laurel” or “yanny.”


I’m going nuts…tried here…heard YARRY !!! On TV yesterday, clearly YANNY. Off the deep end for sure rats.


Laurel for me, with and without aids.

This article has a player with an adjustable slider to vary the frequencies:

I hear Yanny with the slider almost all the way to the right.

Question - what sort of aids or adjustments would I need to hear Yanny with the original recording?


Me again - forgot to mention I lost my right HA a few years ago…so this is naked hearing ! Toronto.


Different speakers could contribute to that.


Without HAs, I heard Laurel. With HAs, I heard Yerry (i.e., sounds like Jerry but beginning with a Y rather than a J). Interesting!


I don’t hear anything with this clip - listening via iPad with sound at maximum so I guess it isn’t compatible with my iPad.


It works ok on my ipad.

A friend tells me he hears Yammy.



It’s Yanny to me on a normal set of PC speakers at about 30% volume.

Quite easy to see why too. The leading and trailing edges of the phonemes in (e)Yanny(e) use a high frequency E sound (and to some extent the N), but some people don’t perceive it, so you’re left with the lower elements of the E and the rest of of the word - the difference between Larry and Lanny is marginal anyway in terms of a HF loss.


That’s good. It’s a problem with script. First glance one might think it’s a Y. Got the a and the u. The r isn’t very clean to bring in ambiguity but in it’s eventual context an r is decided. Got the e and l. So then it’s decided that it must be an L to get Laurel because Yaurel doesn’t make sense (in English…to me).


I heard something but I can’t say what it was (severe hearing loss)