Check out this new website where you are able to have free phone captioning for your conversations. The person you wish to hear will have their words typed out onto the screen before you as you talk. So as the conversation goes along…you are able to read on the screen what they are saying. This is great because you don’t have to struggle to hear what the person is saying…instead you can just read it on your screen.


I notice that every single one of your threads is about the same exact thing. Do you have anything else to contribute?

Sort of cool that there are phone options like Captel and PhoneCaption, but my experience has been that people want to add captions to phones they already have.

Say you have a phone you LOVE because it works well for your specific hearing situation (and/or maybe for your specific hearing aids). BUT, you still want captions for your calls (or maybe just some of your calls). You might consider a solution like ClearCaptions (at clearcaptions.com) which will add captions to any phone, and display them on a computer, iPad, or even an iPhone.

The cool thing is if the phone you’re captioning is wireless, you can walk around with your phone while watching captions on your iPad. (so you’re mobile even in and around your house!).

There was a piece on this service on FoxBusiness a month or so ago. Google “Making Phone Conversations Clear As Day” and it should come up.

Right now with most of these services you can only use the service use for calls you make and not those you receive. There are further limitations if you use sprint or verizon. And why can’t the people posting these threads admit that they are some way connected with the companies mentioned?