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Aurem Hearing center has existed in Aalborg, Denmark since 2014. We have seen an increasing traffic of foreign customers, who want to enjoy our fair prices and good service.

Hi, have you started selling the Oticon ConnectClip yet? If so, what is your price and do you ship to the US?

We have several options, but Unfortunately not any hipro devices…

Hi, no connectclip yet… we are just as impatient as everyone else :slight_smile:

@Aurem Does your hearing aids ship to China?

Ah. I see now you’ve changed your intro post and removed “fitting equipment”.

We do sell some fitting equipment.
If need a hipro, then perhaps contact/e-mail

Yes we do… shipping costs might vary, depending on where in China

Would you be able to elaborate on what fitting equipment you sell?

Cables, connectors, flexstrips, and some of the wireless programming interfaces.

So I guess you would have CS44 cables and others. 312 pill flexstrips and others. Which wireless programming interfaces do you offer?

Is this an ad? Only crazy people buy HA’s from more than a 30 minute drive.

You are in the Online Sellers Category. Some who don’t like local retail prices (crazies) buy hearing aids this way. I’m crazier still because I even consider online prices too high so I buy from EBay crazy_318-115850

Actually people who are DIY types can buy HAs online and program them themselves to save a lot of money. They’re not crazy, they’re smart to help themselves save money.

Thank you@Aurem, I need information like this. I’m running a QQ / WeChat group, over the past year, more than10 people have purchased hearing AIDS from overseas through my share of information.

Maybe you don’t know how it feels to pay a lot of money and not get a quality service.
So we went to DIY.

It depends on what we can get our hands on, But more or less all devices, just not all the time.
Right now we do have some Noah link wireless for sale

Would you be willing to post your price? Someone was recently looking for this product.

And the prices for CS44 kind of cables? And 312 pill flexstrips and others?
I know the NoahLink is wireless…just for other considerations.


All prices are on the website, do a search if there is any products you cant find

Oh! I’m sure I looked there when you first announced your presence and didn’t see all that. I must not have been looking very well.