Wow, this place has changed


Greetings. Long time since I came here to post. Apparently the previous site has been merged with someone else as the name has changed and the Forums are all different. But, I see they transferred my profile over.

Coming eligible for new hearing aids on December 16th. Need to get them ordered before the year ends and insurance deductible resets.

My Forum Signature mentions my old aids, the Beltone. But have had Starkey Halo i110’s for the last 3 years. Coming here to research current available models. So wish me luck!


It took me a while to get used to the new format, but it’s growing on me. I think the new forum owner has done a really good job of improving the culture here. Things are a lot more civil these days.

I too am in the process of updating. Been wearing Siemens Pure for 3 years. Tried the Starkey Muse, but the Bluetooth functionality turned me off. I’m getting a set of Phonak Marvels this Monday.

Welcome back, and good luck to you in your search!


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Top aids

Oticon OPN1
Resound Quattro
Phonak Audeo Marvel


Welcome back. The new format sort of threw me as well, but everything is still here. I recently acquired the Signia 7Nx 312. I did have the Starkey Xino 110. The difference is quite remarkable. The Bluetooth has been excellent. They are a tad larger than the Xino’s, but with more functionality. It’s amazing the difference just a few years can make in a device.


Sorry did not come back sooner. The holidays have me busy, both work and personal. I work in IT for a retail company. So even though I am not in a store, gotta keep the cash registers running smoothly for over 1,000 stores and over 12,000 store associates.

I like the new audiograms. Actually will be getting a new audio gram done on Wednesday this week. Once I have the new numbers, I will update my profile.

I chose the Starkey Halo i110’s cause at the time I bought them only 2 brands had passed the Made For iPhone Certification, Starkey and ReSound. Chose Starkey as I currently had Beltone, which was a rebranded ReSound. Wanted to try another brand.

The Bluetooth audio sucked from day 1. Hard to keep them connected. Disconnected way too often during calls. Sound quality of calls was mediocre. But, really loved the app for controlling programs and volume. And occasionally remote microphone. For the Beltone I always had a dead battery or lost the remote. And they used a non-standard battery that was hard to find and expensive. So this eliminated that. So I stopped using the Bluetooth audio function and just used the app.

When I purchased them my Audiologists was not very experienced with the brand. But, I opened his practice to carrying them. I have been told now that he sells lots of them. So Starkey owes me a bonus! :laughing:

Service wise they have been fairly reliable. The first 2 years were fine, just had them cleaned and checked by the audiologist staff every couple of months and had the Audiologist update my hearing test and programs once a year. But this last year has had some service repair issues. Still under warranty. So did not cost me anything, just time without them while shipped in for repair. Earlier this year they could not repair, so just sent me a new one. And just got them back again 2 weeks ago where they replaced a microphone in one that was replaced earlier this year, and receiver in the other.

All in all I guess not a bad record. But, the Beltone never had to be shipped off for a single repair. I think they needed a new receiver once. But the audiologists stocked them in house. Easy for them to do since Beltone has dedicated sales partners who are exclusive to their products. So they can stock easy repair parts in house for instant repairs. An Audiologist who services multiple brands may not be able to stock parts for so many different brands and models.

The Beltone exclusive dealers is the one thing that made me want to look at another brand. All of the local Beltone in my area were all owned by the same man. The owner was decent enough guy and fairly well knew his products. But he was trying to expand his staff so he could have an Audiologist staffed full time at each store instead of him rotating between stores. And the new guys were just too young and inexperienced to be working alone in the store. They were messing up the programming. And then trying to tell me I needed to buy new aides. The owner worked out of another store that was an hour away. I made the drive and he fixed the programming errors by restoring a previous saved program on the computer. But, I decided it was time to move on to another Audiologist. And one not locked into a product that could not be serviced by other Audiologists.


Do you have a Costco nearby? If you are not pleased with one branch, you can visit another with no additional charge,

It is hard to beat the price of their Kirkland Signature 8 aids which are Rexton Emerald 80 8C MFi aids without the tinnitus feature. $1500 a PAIR. They also have a Resound eviovalent to the Lunx3d for an extra $900. I tried both aids programmed according to my tests. Ignoring the price difference, I found the KS8 aids superior for speech understanding.

I get fitted with my aids this week. Although all Costco hearing centers have the equipment for Real Ear Measurement, apparently many do not use it. I hope REM makes a difference for me this time.


Hey, to be honest, I found previous design was more suitable for browsing


Just want to throw in a quick note that when we took the old forum on it had a virus that was infecting most visitors’ computers, including my own, and this was the primary driver for researching a new platform. The new platform has been extremely stable and has given us a bunch of new features, like easy inline image and video sharing, profile-linked audiograms, power searching, and a whole host of other handy features. I know it’s not for everyone, but I think the doubling of traffic over the last 16 months or so (since switching to the new platform) is a testament to the platform’s usability and discoverability (in terms of bringing in new users from Google). We track other metrics, like user post / thread activity, etc, and all indicators point to a more engaged community.


Would that virus go by the name of doc something or other? :rofl:
Thanks for all the work you’re doing for this great information and social resource.


I also was a prior visitor and came back in December when it was time for some new hearing aids. Things have changed! It’s so much easier to post and to stay up on things and the forum platform is really great. The biggest learning I have had has been with the Quote vs. Reply. Sometimes it’s tricky on a busy thread to follow along with the replies as they don’t contain the quotes of the original thread by default. But if you’ve ever used other forums that do this, you end up with huge replies even if the response is small due to the space on the screen the quote is taking up. I’ve learned to just watch for the Reply info and I’ve also learned about selecting the text from the original poster and a little “Quote” option shows up. That feature is great and keeps things nice and tidy. You can also change the view of the thread if you like seeing the nested replies.


One of my favorite features :wink: