Would like comments from Phonak Marvel users

I can say from my Mom’s experience with Phonak Audeo Beyond 50 (their first rechargeable hearing aid) that they made it 3 years. Audiologist highly recommended sending them back to factory just before 3 years was up which we did. (Unfortunately she lost one shortly thereafter. :frowning_face: :frowning_face: ) She’s near blind and only had issues charging them on very rare occasion (maybe 2 or 3 times in 3 years?) Yes, they rely on direct contact, but the design of the charger comes close to ensuring that happens. Oh, and regarding reliability, audiologist said they haven’t had any problems with the aids, but on occasion the chargers go bad.

I’d say MFi and Bluetooth should be considered different things for practical purposes. If a hearing aid is MFi, it’s only going to work with an iPhone unless one uses an auxillary device. People have a hard enough time keeping things straight.

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Not only that it’s metal, there’s some spring or something inside, you need to push hard to get them in in the right position. I can’t remember when I ever had to use such force on gadgets, I really thought that I’m going to break something.
Then pulling them out, I had a feeling I need to use teeth to do it, since light pull won’t do anything. And their tapered shape definitely don’t help. Rubber gloves could maybe make pulling out smoother even for that high gloss white model.

Maybe my charger example was bad one, but my fitter didn’t look surprised when I shared my complaints.

I only had them for a week while I was waiting for mine to come (actually I was supposed to have them for 2, until our next scheduled appointment, but I whined that I want to get rid of them asap).

Maybe travel charger has less stubborn spring, or I got bad behaving exemplar. Before that experience I didn’t want rechargeables because I’m sick of amount of gadgets that want my attention, after that it is ‘rechargeable marvels only over my dead body’. :joy:

And led light in the night was strong enough that I noticed it so it had to go into the drawer.

Yes li ions. With definitely different specs as well than those from resound judging that you can get several hours of work form short charge whilst here is 30 minutes, as I’ve read somewhere.

Maybe they improved it in Paradise that’s being released in 3 days. But seeing that on the pic of charger it looks same as marvels , it doesn’t bring much hope :joy:

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Did you ever find out why the Phonak’s Bluetooth did not work outside but did inside? I am testing Phonak Audeo M90’s right now and when I put my iPhone in my left cargo pocket or hold in my hand on left side, the music cuts out. But it only happens when walking outside. But if I put phone in my right pocket or hold it in my righthand, the music is fine!! Doesn’t make sense. Anyone else experience this or have a solution? Thank you. Mike

@mikemiles_19087 no I can’t say that I did. I’m reasonably certain it’s just the way Bluetooth is implemented. It’s a very low power interface. Indoors, signal reflections are everywhere so the received power is much higher than outdoors where much of the signal gets radiated away.

@mikemiles_19087 My M90s always connect bluetooth to the Right Hearing Aid. The LE connections are to both aids. So maybe that is why you lose signal when in the left pocket.

k5cko You are correct. I just checked my Bluetooth settings. Mine are set the same as yours, but the LE_L and LE_R are Not connected. What does LE mean?

@mikemiles_19087 LE for Low Energy. This is where your My Phonak App connects.

The Marvels always need to have a lead aid designated. That’s just how they’re meched; there’s no changing this (other than from left to right and vice versa).

Ive had my marvel M50a for about 5 months. I am a 1st time HA user. I love them. It seems like one question had to do with volume in each ear? They are adjustable. I use an Android phone and I can lay the phone down in tbe kitchen and go about my business without ever losing my BT connection. 25 ft seems about max range. The sound is not Bose quality but acceptable stereo. I love the rechargeables. I wear them all day and put them on the charger at night. I have never bad less than 50% ar bedtime. They are difficult to take out of the charger and that is a negative for folks with poor dexterity. I was warned of that prior to purchase just not a problem for me. The batterys are warranteed for 3 yrs which us a decent tradeoff for me as my insurance covers a new pair every 3 years. I am use to swapping phones every couple of years so that didnt seem unreasonable to me. Bottom line is that they work for me and meet my needs and expectations which in no way means that they meet someone elses. If you like rechargeables and you have mild to moderate hearing loss, give the Phonaks a try.

Not sure if anyone mentioned that the new Starkey’s also have LE Bluetooth to both Iphone and new Android phones.
I LOVE rechargeable!! I am well over 70 and dealing with small batteries is very difficult not to mention they are never where I AM when I need them!!

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I have the M30 and I haven’t had any problems with the BT with my S10. But my Sony MX1000xm3 are sometimes temperamental and would dropout if I had the phone in a certain pocket, but on other days that same pocket was fine.

This was before I got the Marvels though, I think its more just BT being picky rather than the HA’s themselves.

I was testing M90 Virto ITE and Bluetooth did cutoff in the pocket, also while biking and holding as well with tv connector. It was frustrating.

Bluetooth bounces off walls when inside. Obviously that can’t happen when outside.